The countdown on Dirk's Cruxtruder.

Yet another number of dubious importance, 11 11 11 (and variations such as 11 11 or 111) is the arc number of the post-scratch kids and the cherubs.

Appearances as a date[edit | edit source]

  • Act 6 is set on 11/11/11, also called 2X3PRONG DAY (whatever that means).
  • Jack's tally marks marking days consist of 11 11 11, instead of the usual four.
    • The six bars in his jail cell window are also reminiscent of the sequence.
  • Hiveswap is set on 11/11/1994.

Appearances as a time[edit | edit source]

Appearances relating to the characters[edit | edit source]

  • When Jade sets up the password system with KanayaHS.svg, the first password is CROOOOOOOOOOOAK, with precisely eleven Os!
    • This is in reference to the two Space players' conversation they just had about the humans' Genesis Frog, which would later grow to maturity in a session and whose universe would host new players of an alien race which all reference the same number.
  • Each of the post-scratch kids has 4 letters in their first name and 7 letters in their surname; 4 + 7 = 11.
  • The 2x3dentkind weapons of Feferi Peixes, the Condesce, and Meenah Peixes have the same number of spikes as 11 11 11 has digits.
    • Furthering their connection to the number, Feferi and Meenah both employ emoticons with 38s (representing their crowns and goggles) which equals 11 when 3 and 8 are added.
  • One of the pool ball combinations for Lord English's eyes is 1 and 11, as well one of Quarters​'s quarters which has the number "1" one side and "11" on the other.
  • Calliope and Caliborn sometimes multiply letters and punctuation by 11.
    • Sometimes they even multiply letters so that the total number in the word is 11. HS.svg
    • They are 11 units old and their birthday is on 11/11, according to Andrew.
    • The caption on Caliborn's Zillyloot campaignHS.svg ends with a "WHEEEEEEEEEEE" with 11 E's.
    • Karkat, who shares countless parallels with the cherubs, first spoke in the story on 11/11/09HS.svg
  • There are 11 Delerious Biznasty icons on Jake's desktop.HS.svg
  • After engaging Trickster Mode characters tend to repeat and strecth words/marks in 11s.
    • It takes Jane 11 zooms to magnify Jake when he engages Trickster mode. HS.svg
    • It takes Jake 111 tugs to pull Roxy back onto the page when she engages Trickster mode. HS.svg
    • Dirk has to complete 1,111 sidles towards screen right. HS.svg
  • Hussie's face shows up crossed out 11 times when Caliborn "ends" the comic.HS.svg
  • Caliborn's Deviantart gallery has 11 drawings. They are numbered appropriately, save for the one which would be "08", which is also titled "09".

Appearances related to the Acts[edit | edit source]

  • Jailbreak restarted its story on page 111Mspa icon.png.
  • Although probably a coincidence, the first pesterlog featuring a Troll was releasedHS.svg in 11/11/09.
  • Act 6 began on 11/11/11.
    • It's fitting that this should be the arc number for act 6, as it consists of six 1's.
  • Act 6 Act 4 beganHS.svg and ended on 11/12/12 but appeared as 11/11/12 on the update log.
  • A6A5A1 ended and A6A5A2 began on 1/11/13.
  • Although just past midnight and technically on 11/12, Hussie posted a cherub-centric update on what was supposed to be 11/11/14, from hereHS.svg to hereHS.svg.
  • Act 6 Act 6 has 6 sub-sub acts and 5 sub-sub-intermissions, which adds up to 11 segments overall.
    • Similarly, Act 6 as a whole has 6 sub-acts and 5 sub-intermissions.
  • Act 6 Act 6 Act 3 contained 11 pages all titled with 11 periods.
  • The A6A6I5 character select screen features ten conversations, plus an 11th starring Vriska, (Vriska), and Meenah.HS.svg
  • The first 11 snaps from the Credits were posted to the IRL official MSPA Snapchat, approximately hourly, from 1-11pm EST on 10/24/16, just before the Credits were posted.
    • 11 Halloween-themed snaps were posted on 10/31/2016.
    • A sequence of snaps about Jane being named chief executive of Crockercorp, and also involving Roxy and Calliope, were posted on 11/11/2016.
  • The (old) release date of Hiveswap: Act 2 and debut of the Troll Call were both announced on 11/11/2017.

Appearances as a random number[edit | edit source]

  • A blank captchalogue card's codeHS.svg is 11111111.
  • The recipe modus costs 11 build gristHS.svg to alchemize.
  • On this pageHS.svg, Jane is shown to have 110,110,110 boondollars.
  • On this pageHS.svg, Jake is shown to have 111,111 boondollars.

Appearances relating to the Songs[edit | edit source]

Appearances outside of MS Paint Adventures[edit | edit source]

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