Over the course of Problem Sleuth, Ace Dick and his duplicates use several battle techniques and combat operandi to defeat their enemies.

Battle techniquesEdit

Truffle ShuffleEdit


Emulating Chunk from The Goonies, Ace Dick lifts up his shirt and does a fat-jiggling dance. This attack appears in multiple forms throughout the story:

  • Level 1 - Does no damage whatsoever. UsedMspa icon against a beast (in a non-canon story path).
  • Level 2 - Does minimal damage. UsedMspa icon against the same beast.
  • Ostentation Drive! Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble - After Li'l Ace Dick is killed by Mobster Kingpin, the other two ADs are able to useMspa icon this Limit Break against Morthol Dryax. They perform the Truffle Shuffle in unison, creating two energy columns that collide above the targeted enemy and do major damage.
  • Zombie Truffle Shuffle - A variant usable only by Zombie Ace Dick. It does no damage. UsedMspa icon against Demonhead Mobster Kingpin.
  • Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle  - This Comb Rave requires the use of Level 1, 2, and 3 Impetus Combs. AD and ZAD perform the Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble while Fiesta Ace Dick grows to enormous size and hits the enemy with his stomach. For the finishing move, AD and ZAD collide into the enemy to cause a massive explosion. UsedMspa icon against DMK.

Torso FlailEdit

Torso Flail (Problem Sleuth)

When fighting a monster enemy, Ace Dick can lob any nearby corpse into its mouth to temporarily appease it and give himself an opening to attack. The Level 1 version is usedMspa icon against a beast and the Level 2 version, which lets him fling multiple corpses at once, is usedMspa icon against Fluthlu, though in the latter case eating the corpses actually reenergizes Fluthlu instead of placating him.

In Homestuck, the technique makes two appearances: It first appears in the Midnight Crew intermission, when Hearts Boxcars triesSburb Logo to placate Cans by flinging the headless corpse of Eggs at him. It then reappears in Act 6 Act 3, when Gamzee Makara throwsSburb Logo the remains of Tavros Nitram and Vriska Serket into Jane Crocker's kernelsprite, creating Tavrisprite.

Combat operandiEdit

Belly of the WhaleEdit

Learned after Defeating a beastMspa icon

Using Belly of the Whale, Ace Dick can suck a targeted enemy into his mouth and swallow them. Unfortunately, AD is never able to successfully employ the operandi in combat: his attemptMspa icon to use it against a beast fails because he lacks the requisite Elf Tears, and Li'l Ace DickMspa icon and Fiesta Ace DickMspa icon's attempts to use it against Mobster Kingpin fail when MK uses Extortion to swallow them instead.

The one time it actually does work is in a non-combat situation, when AD usesMspa icon the operandi's ultimate form - Level 99 Belly of the Whale: Blowhole Swansong - to swallow and merge with his fiesta and zombie counterparts. As a result, AD undergoes a starting transformation and turns into... Ace Dick. While he doesn't visibly change, he does get an extraordinary amount of Vim, making him the strongest man in the world.

A beast possesses the Level 18 version of the operandi and usesMspa icon it against one of Pickle Inspector's imaginary duplicates.

Check Yo'Self JonahEdit

Learned after Defeating Monster Pickle InspectorMspa icon

By using Check Yo'Self Jonah, Ace Dick turns into a corsair with a new hat and harpoon gun. At the same time, an enormous whale is summoned to the site of battle. AD can harpoon the whale, get on top of it by using the harpoon gun as a grappling gun, and ride it as it consumes the enemy.

Zombie Ace Dick usesMspa icon this attack against Demonhead Mobster Kingpin; unfortunately, he accidentally bumps into Pickle Inspector while ziplining up to the whale, causing PI to miss his shots with the sniper rifle and shoot the whale before it can attack DMK.

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