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A view of the Afterlife.

The Afterlife is a location in Problem Sleuth. It serves as Death's office.

It is part of a fractal series of flowers and petals that makes up a part of one of the flowers Godhead Pickle Inspector originally held. However, Black Hole Mobster Kingpin inadvertently destroyed the Afterlife when Death opened its door. This permanently destroyed the flower, for it did not reform when BHMK was defeated. It is safe to assume that the new Afterlife simply takes place on the second flower GPI holds.

The Afterlife taking the form of a flower may be an allusion to the epic poet Dante, referencing his vision of Heaven as a "multifoliate rose" in the "Paradiso" section of his "Divine Comedy".

On one of the flowers, it is a mostly featureless expanse, devoid of furniture save a table and Death's Games Cabinet. An office door leads out of the Afterlife to anywhere Death cares to go, unless it is absorbed by a black hole or something.

When a character in Problem Sleuth expires, they often appear in the Afterlife, where Death greets them and politely serves tea.

Flower Afterlife

Honeybee Professor pollinating the Afterlife

Several dead characters have won their lives back and managed to leave the Afterlife by besting Death at a board game. Still others have simply walked out the door while Death was preoccupied. When an attack was launched on the second form of DMK's Nether-Regional Vulnerabulb, some characters standing directly outside it were successfully persuaded, ironically enough, to go back in to avoid falling to their death.

Those who are very large may be unable to leave the Afterlife via conventional means.


Numerous characters throughout Problem Sleuth have been in the Afterlife and most have escaped. The only characters who remained in the Afterlife at the end of the story were Mobster Kingpin and Death, permanently trapped by the Contra-bass Clarinet.


  • The cabinet seen in the afterlife can also be seen in the kitchen of John's house.