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Alternate Calliope is a doomed version of Calliope who predominated over her brother.


She grew up similarly to her alpha self, but had no contact with the alpha kids, resulting in her having the strength to predominate over Caliborn. She took on her brother's blood color as her text color, similar to Alpha Caliborn.HS.svg Due to her not having the proper abilities to beat her dead session's quest, she found the mother of monsters, who gave her The Choice. Calliope chose to be killed by Echidna and proceeded to wait until her alpha self appeared in the dream bubbles. At some point, she met a sleeping Jade and informed her of why John and Davesprite exploded on LOWAS.

After waiting for ages in an apparently isolated and hidden dream bubbleHS.svg, alpha Calliope arrived along with Jade. She then set alpha Calliope aside to tell her that their arrival was the signal that the furthest ring around me had uncoiled itself momentarily. This would allow it to be navigable in order for her to finish the rest of her promise to Echidna. After she leaves alpha Calliope, she told them to simply live and to be the person she couldn't be. With that, she left with Jade for the Green Sun.

While the two of them pass by the cracks in the void, alternate Calliope explained the nature of the Furthest Ring to Jade but generally refused to explain to her what exactly they are doing. When they finally do arrive, she explained to Jade that [Jade] needed to accompany [her] on this journey, so that time could pass for [her]. HS.svg In response to Jade's indication that she'd rather join the fight than sleep through it, Calliope suggested that great power is more of a liability than an asset. She then hinted that the Green Sun will not exist for much longer and offered Jade the chance to say goodbye to it and have "fun." before she bid Jade farewell.

After Jade's departure, Alternate Calliope proceeded to destroy the Green Sun by siphoning it into a black hole, which then grew to utterly absurd proportions due to absorbing the mass of two universes. The same Black Hole is used to erase or entrap Lord English, fulfilling Echidna's bargain.


Unlike alpha Calliope, Alternate Calliope is much more somber and serious in nature. She is never seen smiling, and never uses exclamation marks. This is likely due to her lack of outside interaction during her time on future Earth. Because she had no interaction with the alpha kids, she did not develop any of the people skills or friendships her alpha self had. It is unknown if she still retains her interest in drawing and writing, but it can be assumed that she does not due to the fact that the majority of alpha Calliope's artwork revolved around the alpha kids. Something that remained a constant between them both, however, was their love of telling stories.

Because she got to play Sburb and even became God Tier, she knows much more about the game and her title than her alpha counterpart. She shares her knowledge about Space with Jade and is shown to know quite a bit about it. She appears to keep her interest in Sburb as she talks about it and its various constructs at length.

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