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And It Don't Stop (MSPFA mirror, Tumblr mirror, MrCheeze mirror) is a comic written and drawn by Andrew Hussie, with a co-creator credit for Tauhid Bondia. According to a post on Bondia's Tumblr, the comic was originally supposed to be a collaboration between the two artists, but Bondia only came up with the central idea and designed many of the characters before leaving the project; Hussie would finish the comic by himself, illustrating all pages and writing all dialogue and raps. Years after And It Don't Stop was released, Bondia wrote and drew a six-page prequel comic.

The setting of the story appears to be a society where the major spectator event is an art form called "Tech-Hop", which consists of rappers operating robots in combat while simultaneously rapping. It is unclear how much independence the robots have from the rappers' control, or whether the operation is directly tied to the rap, though evidence suggests that the smoother the rapper's flow, the more effectively the robot fights. In addition, two attributes are factored in: "Groove", which is a theme that the rap must follow, and "Shade", which the rap must contain rhymes with.

Influence on MS Paint Adventures[edit | edit source]

Direct allusions[edit | edit source]

Possible influences[edit | edit source]

  • The entire premise of rap battles in Homestuck, i.e. literally using raps in order to fight, is influenced by And It Don't Stop. Hussie intended for Dave to engage in a rap battle with Bro using his Sylladex, but opted for a more conventional sword duel; Dirk's sylladex is a tribute to the concept.
  • Squarewave and Sawtooth, created by Dirk, are both rap battling robots. However, unlike the robots in And It Don't Stop, they are entirely autonomous – they perform their own raps, and are not operated by a human partner. Squarewave has the ability to transform into a block, similar to Ice's robot, Crush Groove.
  • Jake and Dirk's show in the epilogues, Rumble in da Pumpkin Patch is a reference to And It Don't Stop.
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