Animal communion is a recurring ability in MS Paint Adventures.

In Jailbreak[edit | edit source]

Animal communion first appears in Jailbreak, where it is a magic power first found on the stomach of an elfMspa icon.png. It allows the user to communicate with a pony's primitive mindMspa icon.png and influence it toward certain actions.

In Problem Sleuth[edit | edit source]

Problem Sleuth's ANIMAL COMMUNION shown in the lower left of his battle menu.

Animal communion reappears in Problem Sleuth, where the titular character is able to use it to communicate with animal charactersMspa icon.png such as weasels. It appears as a horseshoe-shaped gauge on the battle menuMspa icon.png, where Problem Sleuth's is high, Pickle Inspector's is near the lower thirdMspa icon.png, and Ace Dick's is next to nothingMspa icon.png.

In Homestuck[edit | edit source]

Animal communion is a power used by Tavros Nitram and his ancestor, described by Vriska as typical of 8rown 8loodsHS.svg. Through experimentationHS.svg, The Condesce also later gained access to this ability.

This form allows the user to commune with and control various animals, including lusii, Fiduspawn and some animals from Earth. It would appear the animal communion of trolls only requires a target to have partial animal DNA or components, as underlings with the effects of lusus prototyping, first guardians born from animal genetic code and even humans with animal characteristics have all been successfully communed with.

In addition to the Condesce and bronze bloods, some trolls have displayed a level of psychic communication with their own lusii. Terezi Pyrope's dragon lusus was able to teach her to "see" again from within an egg, while Feferi Peixes' lusus Gl'bgolyb has communicated various and sometimes contradictory propheciesHS.svg to her.

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