Anthropomorphism is the practice of giving human qualities - such as personalities and physical attributes - to nonhuman things. The anthropomorphism of animals is a recurring motif in MS Paint Adventures and Andrew Hussie's other work.

Online enthusiasts of anthropomorphic animals are often called furries, and their community the furry fandom.

In Problem SleuthEdit

Problem Sleuth's weasels and hogs are both examples of anthropomorphized animals.

In HomestuckEdit

Jade Harley has an avid interest in the furry fandom, having decorated her room with various images and dolls relating to FAUNA OF AN ANTHROPOMORPHOLOGICAL PERSUASIONSburb Logo. Among these are the Manthro Chaps, an image of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff with features of a cat and a bear or dog drawn on by Dave Strider, and multiple pieces of artwork depicting anthropomorphic canines. Dave has at one time attempted to initiate furry roleplay with JadeSburb Logo; however her interest in imagining scenarios in which she is an animal does not stretch as far as wishing to dress as one.Sburb Logo

Jade has been known to browse the furry art community at Fur Affinity; specificallySburb Logo the work of user VampirePrincess007 (whose work was removed from Fur Affinity at some point in late 2010 or early 2011, but can still be found on deviantArt), with Skimike's Miya by Tsampikos also appearing as one of the pieces on the wall of Jade's room.

Jade describes her interest in anthropomorphological fauna as a daring dream, to combine the finest qualities of humanity with the elegance and nobility of the animal kingdomSburb Logo, prose which is later used to narrate (in morse code) the Wayward Vagabond's dream about acquiring animal characteristicsSburb Logo, which in turn mirrors Jack Noir's transformation into the canine "Bec Noir," and later Jade's merging with Jadesprite, acquiring some of the canine aspects of Becquerel. John describes Jade's new anthropomorphic form as a furry, but not really the weird kind that people on the internet like to have sex with in their imaginationSburb Logo.

Jade chose to create a Ghostbusters II MMORPG character who was a fox manSburb Logo, and one of her names for consortsSburb Logo was yiffyiff.

In Alternian cultureEdit

"Exquisite fauna" are the subject of noble and aristocratic art on Alternia. Musclebeasts in particular are considered examples of the PUREST PHYSICAL IDEALSburb Logo for high blooded trolls; however certain lusii of the butler genus which combine equine and humanoid characteristics such as the lusus tasked with raising Equius Zahhak are also considered to be noble and among the strongest lusus species on the planetSburb Logo.

Aside from high bloods, Equius' moirail Nepeta Leijon roleplays as an anthropomorphized cat in most of her dialogue. Terezi Pyrope has on occasionSburb Logo joined Nepeta's roleplay, playing a dragon.


Humanimals was an early work from Andrew Hussie revolving around creatures with a mixture of animal and human anatomy, which heavily inspired both the Manthro Chaps and butler lusii in Homestuck.

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