Sollux honey

Beehouse workers agitated at one of their mainframes being damaged by high-velocity throwing stars.

Apiculture networking is a form of computing practiced on Alternia. Sollux Captor is the unchallenged authority in its practice.

Components of an apiculture network Edit

Beehouse mainframe Edit

A beehouse mainframe is a structure, composed of a muted yellow substance known as silicomb; a play on the substance silicon, a common computing component, and a comb, which is a part of a beehive. Beehouse itself is an Alternian rendition of the term beehive, swapping the term hive for house. It can be presumed the workers live in the beehouse mainframes.

Three individual mainframes of differing heights are visible in Sollux's hive, all of which are attached to red and blue cables that appear to interface either directly with Sollux's primary computer, the game grubs beside it, or both.

Workers Edit

'Workers' is the name used for the striped, purple, bee-like insects that assist in the operation of the apiculture network. They communicate in something known as beenary code, which appears to consist of naughts and ones flashing across the workers' faces where their eyes would be.

The workers become agitated when the mainframes take damage, but seem to take a calming effect from at least some aspect of Sollux's psionic abilitiesHS.

Mind honey Edit

Mind honey is a viscous yellow substance cultivated within the mainframes, likely produced by the workers. Its exact effects are unknown, but it presumably performs some function in the operation of the network itself. It has various described effects within the comic.

Effects Edit


The effects of mind honey consumption on Sollux.

Sollux was known to feed the mind honey cultivated in his apiculture network to his lusus, with the apparent effect of making it act like an idiot most of the time as opposed to all the time. Whether this means the honey actually increases the monster's intelligence or sates his idiotic tendencies is impossible to know. When consumed by Sollux himself, the honey seems to have a far less positive effect, causing his eyes to spray forth alternating red and blue energy beams over which he has little control. Vriska Serket first took advantage of this once by psychically influencing him to consume some near the residence of Aradia Megido, and some time later the effects were replicated when Sollux fell unconscious in a pool of honey that had spilled onto his hive floor.

Mituna Captor, on the other hand, seems to rely on his own lusus to feed him mind honey. The exact effects of this are unknown, but seem to have some positive effect on the damage done to him by his prior overexertion of his powers.

Connections to other MS Paint Adventures Edit

The Jocose Honey utilized in Comb Raves by Problem Sleuth characters is similarly attended to by worker bees and results in a dramatic visible power boost.

There is a Comb Rave called "Fill 'Em With Daylight", and Sollux's name translates to "sunlight". What does this particular Comb Rave do? It bifurcates a universe.

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