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The associated items: Oil, Chalk, Uranium and Amber

Each of the four pre-scratch Homestuck Kids has an associated item, which relates to the general type of underlings they will encounter most often after entering The Medium and, by result, what types of Grist they will acquire through Strife with these minions.

Though the associated item of each of the other three kids was revealed fairly early in Homestuck, Jade's item remained unconfirmed until well into Act 5 Act 2, after she successfully entered the Medium. However, her item was predicted based on the group of four items found by the Wayward Vagabond on the floor of the Skyship Base.

The items appear to be related to some characteristic of each of the kids or their lands. John's Land is covered in oceans of oil while Rose's is intersparsed with white beaches seemingly made of chalk. Dave enjoys collecting dead things which are sometimes preserved in amberHS.svg, and Jade's Uranium is closely tied to Becquerel, her Guardian and Sprite.

The trolls and post-scratch kids do not appear to have any kind of thematic items associated with them.

This could possibly be attributed to the fact that the Alpha kids' session is void. They never prototyped their kernelsprites and therefore never had enemies that would appear personalized.