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You AUTO-PARRY a bullet directly in the gut, saving your dear, sweet SONHEARST!

Auto-Parry is a Battle technique used to avoid attacks. The way the Auto-Parry is done is handled differently depending on the character.

Problem Sleuth[edit | edit source]

  • Problem Sleuth: Sleuth Roll - Roll to avoid the attack.
  • Ace Dick: Auto-Parry - Take the hit in the gut. It is incredibly painful!
  • Pickle Inspector: Pickle Distraction - Unknowingly evade the attack by moving his body to ogle something else he was looking at.
  • Mobster Kingpin: Auto-Parry - Can take hits anywhere, as he is invincible unless his Blood Sugar, Emotions or Sick Burn level rises. He can also use his mouth to Auto-Parry incoming candy.
  • Nervous Broad: Aspect Dodge - Tightens and loosens the Aspect Corset to evade attacks.
  • Zombie Ace Dick: Overripe Produce - While this is given various names, as though it is being upgraded, Zombie Ace Dick is simply invulnerable to nearly every attack as his Auto-Parry is just taking the damage.

Homestuck[edit | edit source]

Protagonists[edit | edit source]

  • Rose Lalonde
    • Youth Roll - While it has not been used in Strife, Rose may be able to dodge incoming attacks by rolling out of the way. Its name is a play on Problem Sleuth's Sleuth Roll.
    • Auto-Perrier - Rose blocks her mother's offering of a martini with kid-safe Perrier mineral water.
    • Ogloparry - This is used by Grimdark Rose in her duel with Jack Noir to block his blade. It is a play off Oglogoth, a horrorterror and namesake of Rose's wands.
  • Dave Strider
    • Dude Dodge - Do a somersault to get out of the way in a totally cool and badass fashion.
    • Acrobatic Fucking Pirouette - Jump high in the air while somersaulting to avoid perilous situations, such as shurikens sent out from your own Sylladex
    • Auto-Harley - Stop Jack Noir's attack via placing Harley in front of self.
  • Vriska Serket
    • Auto-Pirate - Vriska, in her Ancestral Awakening form, uses this to block Jack Noir's blade with her own sword.
  • Terezi Pyrope
    • 4CROB4T1C FUCK1NG P1ROU3TT3 - Pretty much what Dave did. Used to retrieve Pyralspite from atop a high shelf.
  • Jane Crocker
    • HS.svg Jane does a combination of Lass Scamper, Youth Roll, and Acrobatic Fucking Pirouette to enter one of Roxy's windows, ending in a Nice Abscond!
  • John Egbert
    • John can do a Lad Scramble. That's how he levels up HS.svg. He has also done that before that point.

Guardians[edit | edit source]

  • Dad
    • Auto-Pastry - John Egbert's Dad can block dodge incoming attacks by using a while equipped with a Birthday Cake as a shield.
  • Mom
    • Blotto-Parry - Rose's Mother effortlessly dodges oncoming attacks by swaggering about drunkenly.
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