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Avril Thorpe is a human kid living in Earth C during the Candy timeline of Homestuck^2. He is one of the three protagonists of the bonus story The Influencers, along with Imode Kurita and Silas P Beauregard III.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Avril is a student in the Human Kingdom, his interests revolve around social media networking, urban exploration, photography, exercise and computers. His quirk of hashtags is a reference to his love of ancient archival practices for digital documents. He has an interest in raising his follower count and popularizing himself online in order to grow his opportunities in photography, one day hoping to get sponsorship offers and photo commission works. Avril often does photoshoots of modern fashion, his workout routine and urban exploration. He's shown to have knowledge of tension therapy and greater mobility, possibly hinting that he's also into parkour. He has access to most of the public infrastructure buildings in the kingdom due to their "same weird, shitty deadbolts", because of this he carries around a key that will open most kingdom maintenance buildings.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Often times will put priority in his follower count and clout above strangers as shown by him taking a picture of Vriska Maryam-Lalonde, Tavros Crocker, and Harry Anderson Egbert dragging Gamzee's body and posting it online, and showing excitement over the follower increase after Jane Crocker disliked his post. Despite this, he does prioritize his friends and will follow through with whatever plans they may make even if he has to go off the cuff with what to do next. His thoughts may be clouded with his high hopes in his future career but he doesn't let this deter him from making sure to keep his friends safe.

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