Problem Sleuth's Battle Menu.

Battle techniques and Combat Operandi are used to engage enemies in Problem Sleuth. The corresponding tactic in Homestuck is Strife. The majority of Battle Techniques can be executed freely upon command, while a few require the payment of spondulicks before execution. Combat Operandi also are freely executed, however, this class of aggression is the only form that may require Elf Tears, Weasel Snot, Hog Slop or Pie Filling.

Battle Techniques have been labeled as (BT) and Combat Operandi have been labeled as (CO).

  • Techniques used by Problem Sleuth:
    • Sleuth Diplomacy (BT): Always looking for a non-violent solution, Problem Sleuth uses this technique when things are going to look ugly.
    • Fair Shake (BT): Using a window, give both sides a chance to hear what you have to say.
    • Brass Tacks (BT): Summon a trio of brass to lay down some ass. Costs 3000 spondulicks.
    • Summon Henry Clay (BT): For 3500 Spondulicks, summon the great peacemaker himself.
    • Unconditional Surrender: Unknown attack. Has not been used.
    • Armistyx (CO): Use your undeniable charm to summon Death, no matter what he is doing.
    • Sepulchritude (CO): The Ultimate Attack. Note: This attack has been attempted numerous times, but it was held off on being successfully used. It is now known this requires the expenditure of an eighth level Comb Rave. When used, it transforms Problem Sleuth into an armor-clad warrior outfitted with wings and grants him unbelievable power.
  • Techniques used by Henry Clay:
    • Pacify (BT): Settle the crowds down. There's no need for all this yelling.
  • Techniques used by Death:
    • Two Lumps (CO): Offer tea. With two sugar cubes. Aggressively.
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