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Biscuits is the thirteenth member of the Felt.

Concept and creation[]

Biscuits' hat is designed after the orange-striped billiard ball numbered 13. His name refers to the baker's dozen, thirteen, a quantity in which baked goods such as biscuits were at one point traditionally sold - much like his partner Eggs, who is named for a quantity in which eggs are sold - and to the baking device that is his juju.


Caliborn's session[]

Intermission - original timeline[]

For most of the intermission, he and Eggs, backed by numerous time clones of themselves, were pestering Boxcars. Following the elimination of these time clones and the death of Eggs, Biscuits fled to the "safety" of his oven. He was killed in the future after Clubs Deuce put a time bomb into his oven, and is considered deceased (although technically he was alive and hiding uselessly in his oven for some time, until the present caught up to when the bomb went off).[citation needed]

Act 6[]

Biscuits and Eggs' moshing strategy contributed to Jake English's brief death in Collide.

Weapons and paraphernalia[]

Unlike many members of the Felt, Biscuits does not seem to have an innate power of his own. Instead he possesses a special juju oven with strange and unexplained temporal powers; riding inside this oven, he often travels through time with his similarly non-powered partner using Eggs' time travelling egg timer.[citation needed] Added to Spades Slick's inventory, the oven takes the form of the 13 OF STARS cardHS.svg; this may indicate that Biscuits has a Midnight Crew-like playing card-based inventory, or it may be a quirk of the Felt's items being added to Slick's unique inventory.

In melee combat Biscuits employs a large battle-axe adorned with a skull motif[citation needed]; in Collide he uses a Chiappa Rhino handgun for range.[1]


  1. Phil Gibson. "I tried to use as many assets as possible from the comic wrt weapons and guns, but some were not in the best of conditions; either being partly visible or just weirdly pixelated from the GIF compression. Astoundingly I was able to find the original skull axe image Andrew used for Biscuits, which is weird since I thought of all the weapons that would be the most lost cause. Biscuits handgun is a Chiappa Rhino, which I just found out Harley Quinn will be using in the Suicide Squad movie. Is she gonna carry around an oven too?" Poinko's Arts n Comics n Things. April 10, 2016. Archived from the original on April 22, 2022.

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