Blurbs were a series of 136[1] strips created by Andrew Hussie, under the pseudonym "s_o" (for "Special Olympics) that ran from July 7, 2005 to May 9, 2008.

Blurb series Edit

Steep Price for Pie Edit

Steep Price for Pie, consisting of 16 strips, the strips usually depicted a steep price for pie, mostly literally, and sometimes figuratively. Two strips were listed as "Steep Price for Pie 8", one unnumbered guest strip by Tyler Capps.

Inappropriate Time For Ham Edit

Inappropriate Time For Ham, consisting of 32 strips, the strips depicted inappropriate times for ham, in surreal ways. Two strips were listed as "Inappropriate Time For Ham 28", one being a guest strip by Tyler Capps. One unnumbered strip.

What a scoop! Edit

What a Scoop!, consisting of 18 strips (with one unnumbered guest strip by Tauhid), the strips depicted how absurd situations would make a big "scoop".

Riddler's Gammon Edit

Riddler's Gammon, consisting of 12 strips, with the last one being lost. The strips depicted a riddling jester, whose intrusive riddles are met variously with hostility and apathy. There were two unnumbered strips, one being a guest strip by Tyler Capps.

Fashion Ambassador Edit

Fashion Ambassador, consisting of 2 strips, it originally existed independently of the Blurbs, including the non-Blurb strips, the total Fashion Ambassador strips is 6.

Humanimals Edit

humanimals, consisting of 20 strips, the strips depicted absurd creatures, with both human and animal features, doing absurd things.

Unwarranted Parade Edit

Unwarranted Parade, consisting of 9 strips, the strips depicted the humorous disasters of unplanned, and unfunny parades.

Good Idea Edit

Good Idea consisting of 1 strip, it showed a good idea. Despite being a single strip, Good Idea was listed as its own series on the original site.

Zoosmells Edit

Zoosmells, consisting of 12 strips, the strips depicted people who fetishized a distinctive "zoo smell". Inconsistently named, "Zoo Smell" and "Zoosmell" are used an equal number of times. John Egbert in Homestuck the first attempt name was "Zoosmell Pooplord"

Roboboners Edit

Roboboners, consisting of 7 strips, the strips depicted "boners" (as in mistakes, NOT erect penises) that robots could do. The 4th and 6th strips are lost.

3 Cheers for Steak! Edit

3 Cheers for Steak! (drawn by Betel), consisting of 4 strips, the strips depicted extremely masculine situations, featuring steak.

One-off strips Edit

One-off strips - 3 strips[2]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. While the final strip is listed was listed as the 160th, 25 numbers were accidentally skipped over and one number was used twice, for a difference of 24 between the total number of strips and the listed number of the final strip.
  2. Strips listed as miscellaneous on the original site.

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