Problem Sleuth's beloved Captain Snoop bust

This Legitimate Establishment is in the business of creating stone busts for display. Their advertising campaign is to place business cards in hidden places, hoping that people will find them and purchase their busts. The phone number to call them is 5034-918, which as noted, when read upside down, spells "Big Heds". This card is initially in the hands of Ace Dick.


Additionally, another establishment that is not so legitimate and also named Busts-R-Us has a card. It is the first of several business cards with double meanings, with the slogan coming out as a "Good Way to Get ahead". Their number, 531-8008, which spelled upside down is "Boobies", gets you to the Whores on Whore Island instead.

The busts created are usually comprised of movie actors being depicted in certain movies. The majority of busts found in the game are filled with items or Candy when destroyed, and nearly all of them are placed in a way to block a path.

Busts Identified[edit | edit source]

The busts are of varying qualities and appreciations: Captain Snoop is revered as an inestimable wonder, while the Bowen Stilson Dogg is seen as an abomination.

Homestuck[edit | edit source]

A bust of a totally gnarly son of a bitch. Radical but completely useless.

Busts make a minor return in the newest MSPA adventure, Homestuck. The only one identified so far is of a generic totally rad dude from GameBro, made by Dave Strider when he tried to upgrade his Alchemiter with his GameBro magazine captchalogue card. This upgrade turned out to be totally shitty and Dave abandoned it.


In [S] Equius: Seek the highb100d. there is a SHATTERED BUST OF AN INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE SWEATY HUMAN MALE ACTOR hidden behind the crates (there is a hidden passage behind the broken computer). The bust represents Nic Cage and is labeled as "CAGE". Nepeta apparently stole this from Vriska's room, which was seen in Alterniabound, by use of the air vents.

For likely ironic reasons, Dirk Strider's brother has blocked the entrance to his room with a Captain Snoop bust, leaving him to use a passage behind his wardrobifier to exit his room. This bust looks the same as in Problem Sleuth.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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