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In The Homestuck Epilogues[edit | edit source]

From the reader's point of view, Calliope's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where their Canon biography ended.

After John visits Rose at her apartment, Roxy invites him to a picnic with them and Calliope near their bell tower home in the Carapace Kingdom. Their picnic basket contains various food for the three of them, as well as a book. John and Roxy exchange small talk regarding Rose's health, and life on Earth C. Calliope interjects and prompts John to choose whether he fights Lord English or not. When John hesitates, Calliope gives him a choice between the meat or candy from their picnic basket instead. This influences his choice regarding English and in turn, the timeline split.

After John selects meat, he decides to face Lord English. Roxy is disappointed but accepts his choice, and Calliope packs up the picnic basket and remarks to John that there’s no time to lose. The two of them then walk away hand in hand without saying goodbye. In an effort to help Karkat's campaign, Jade goes to Roxy and Calliope's house, which is in the bell tower in New Prospit. Roxy and Calliope convince Jade to let them stay politically neutral and reveal that they're both non-binary and using they/them pronouns now. Calliope says that their gender expression when they presented femininely was in response to Caliborn's enthusiasm for masculine presentation. Jade passes out while visitingMeat.png. When Jade wakes up, she is only Jade for a few seconds before Alternate Calliope takes over her body. Calliope is terrified, and runs away, screaming. Alternate Calliope, who has taken over the narrative, says this is because Calliope was confronted with the bleak reality of their alternate self and the life of loneliness she lived that could have been theirsMeat.png. Calliope is never seen again in Meat, though Roxy tells Terezi that they've been painting scenes from Candy on their apartment walls and they're traumatised by the idea of Jade (possessed by Alternate Calliope) coming near themMeat.png.

Shortly after John selects candy, he decides to stay on Earth C to enjoy his life. Both Roxy and Calliope are very pleased with his decision, and apparently have big plans for John. Calliope makes one request for him to use his retcon powers: let poor gamzee oUt of the fridge, john. They believe that if a new era of amends is to start for everyone, then even he deserves a chance. John begrudgingly brings him back, and Gamzee bursts out of the fridge to begin a self-pitying, apologetic soliloquy as Calliope comforts him. At one point, they check their phone because Gamzee is rambling on for so long. After Gamzee finishes his speech, Calliope and Roxy congratulate and embrace him, as John walks away. Despite their imperfect attention during his soliloquy, they continue to support Gamzee throughout Candy. When John and Roxy start dating, they express sadness over not getting more time with Roxy, saying that they might be sad, bUt john has made his choice, and we mUst all live with the repercUssions of thatCandy.png. Calliope seems to have accepted that their presence in this more carefree timeline will be reduced in favour of John's, and barely appears in the rest of the route. Calliope then walks away and they are not mentioned again (outside of John worrying that he's gotten in between them and Roxy) until alternate-universe teen Jade's funeral when Alternate Calliope possesses alternate-universe teen Jade's body. They run away, screaming at the top of their lungsCandy.png. Calliope and Roxy attend Gamzee's sermons, John tagging along to minimise the Gamzee effect on Harry Anderson. Calliope seems perturbed by the dronesCandy.png in a way they weren't before Alternate Calliope arrived. They're mentioned once more in passing as faithfully by Roxy's side when they appear on televisionCandy.png but otherwise is not seen again in Candy.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[edit | edit source]

From the reader's point of view, Calliope's story in Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon picks up from the two timelines where The Homestuck Epilogues left off.

Calliope is present in the ship where Roxy, Kanaya, Dave, Karkat Vantas and Alternate Calliope (in possession of Jade's body) speed in way to Deltritus. However, they've been recluded in their room since the trip began, until Alternate Calliope abandoned Jade's body. Since then, they have been letting small piles of meat for Karkat to find, and it seems the've been constantly traveling through the vents of the ship.

Calliope was present in a room in the meteor where Roxy and John arrived to after Roxy showed him the transportalizer that was under her bed. Calliope explained to John that they didn't mind the social discourse that happened as a result of him engaging in a relationship with Roxy since their species didn't get much social interaction anyway, so the discourse was a new experience they reveled in. They also explained that when John picked the meat or candy he made 2 separate timelines that relied on each other to exist, and that the universe they lived in was within the black hole that destroyed the Green Sun. Lastly, they gave John the task of freeding Vriska from Jane and bringing her to Calliope to the meteor, the black hole's singularity, in order to stop the potential upheaval of reality derived from the exclusion of the universe from the wider canon of reality.

In other media[edit | edit source]

MSPA Snapchat[edit | edit source]

Paradox Space[edit | edit source]

Cherub CharitablePXS icon.png​​​​​​

Calliope notices Roxy leaving presents for the carapacians in her complex and inquires about the gesture. As Roxy explains the traditions of swapping and giving gifts within her friend group, Calliope excitedly asks more and more questions until she realizes Roxy has fallen asleep. As she looks over at the Sarswapagus, she is inspired and wraps a present for Caliborn. He opens it to find she has arranged his scattered scribbles around the bed into a bound fan art book. There is also a note on the chess table saying "ready to play again whenever yoU are! -UU"

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