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For the puppet in its original form, see Lil Cal. For the alternate versions of this sprite, see Rambunctious Crow and Davesprite.

Calsprite is the prototyped Lil Cal of the doomed timeline of Alternate Future Dave.


In Davesprite's doomed timeline, Calsprite is created as the post-entry tier 2 prototyped sprite of Crowsprite.

Alternate Future Dave completely regretted ever making CalspriteHS.svg. Hearing his constant and annoying laughter drove him over the edge, travelling through time to make a sprite that doesnt make me want to flog myself raw with my own brain stem (as well as to prevent John's death). This ultimately led to him becoming Davesprite in the Alpha Timeline.



Calsprite appears to be able to summon smuppets in a similar way to Nannasprite's ability to summon sweets and cooking equipment. Unlike Nannasprite's cookies though (which can heal players), the smuppets appear to cause significant damage to underlings.

He also is shown to be able to transform in a larger smuppet in order to attack foes as well.



  • Calsprite makes a cameo appearance in the first page of SpriteconPXS icon.png.
  • The powers in possession of Calsprite shown in [S] Dave: Accelerate.HS.svg are never properly explained. No other sprites are ever shown being able to transform.
  • He only communicates in a series of HOO's, HEE's, and HAA's.
    • This would seem to make him a terrible guide.
    • Davesprite tolerated being alone with him for 4 months and 3 days somehow.
    • Since all tier-2 prototyped shown within Homestuck appear to be able communicate fully with their players (including Jaspersprite), it could mean that his repeated laughter is an intentional decision on his part.