Candy is a food item featured throughout MS Paint Adventures.

Problem SleuthEdit

Bag of Candy Corn

A bag of candy corn.

Candy's usage in Problem Sleuth is multi-natured. Candy in the normal world, that is not the imaginary universe, serves as a delicious treat that can improve Pulchritude and make for rather silly faces upon unsuspecting victims. It is highly treasured and safeguarded with utmost importance. Its additional use in the normal world is for use against Mobster Kingpin in a more rational sense of raising his Blood Sugar, and can be combined with Alcohol to imbibe someone into a state of Imaginary Nirvana.

Candy in the imaginary universe takes on a more sinister role, as it has the ability to deal hot sugary damage to beasts, tearing through their flesh and leaving gaping holes as it passes through. The limitation to Candy is that it seems only particularly effective against Beasts, and shooting Candy based weaponry at Non-Beasts just causes a minor annoyance.

Pickle Inspectors created though the Combat Operandi Temporal Replicsimile make the majority of their attacks based on a wide candy arsenal, using Candy as a defense and offense and even as a mode of transport, which proved invaluable in the fight against DMK. The most important use Candy had was dealing the final blow to DMK's Nether-Regional Vulnerabulb.

Candy also has been used to accentuate Gambit Schemas, and Candy is required to complete the Candy Corn Vampire, the Tootsie Roll Frankenstein, and the Gummy Worm Zombie.


In Homestuck, the Midnight Crew each have candy somewhere with them such as Licorice Scotty Dogs and Swedish Fish. Doc Scratch always has a supply of a visitor's favorite candy on hand (in the case of the reader, a bowl of "==>" commands). Licorice Scotty Dogs were apparently a delicacy on Beforus, according to Meenah. When Caliborn found out about the Act 6 Act 6 Expansion Pack, he shoved stardust and candy corn into the cartridgeSburb Logo, causing pages afterwards to often be pixelated and glitchy unless someone cleared up the area.