Candy Mecha
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Imaginary universe

The Candy Mecha is a creation made by Pickle Inspector when he used Pickle Replicsimile to create 8 duplicates of himself. One of these duplicates turned into a mecha. It is made purely of Candy, and fires a steady stream of candy to deal decent damage against large beasts in the imaginary universe. Fortunately, it still retains some intelligence, and is able to dodge and read attacks, and also listens to commands very easily. The mecha plays a key role in defeating Mobster Kingpin by using Self Saccharine-Fice and dealing heavy damage to DMK. Lastly, the mecha splits into two, and the top blasts off to help defeat DMK while the legs eventually go off on their own, finally showing up at the battle to support a Captain Snoop bust from falling back to the ground and presumably being destroyed. In the epilogue it is revealed that Bathearst has come into possession of the legs and is using them to fight crime on the Imaginary City Streets.

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