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Bag of Candy Corn

With the mind, even a whole bagPS icon is possible.

Candy corn Candy corn is an essential candy throughout MS Paint Adventures. The links along the top row of the very Homestuck site, and the MS Paint Adventures site before it, are separated by adorable pixel art of this delicious disgusting candy.

In Problem Sleuth[]

Candy Corn in hand

Your precious cargo.PS icon

Candy corn is closely associated with the Sleuth; he keeps a pair of cornsPS icon in his pocket, and later moves them to his hatPS icon for safer keeping. A bag of itPS icon sits in his imaginary office, the consumption of whichPS icon boosts his pulchritude (though they don't taste as good as real candy corn.). This can be made intoPS icon candy corn liquorPS icon, which boosts the imagination stat to a greater extentPS icon than normal liquor.

It can be used to do the sinister attack known as Candy Corn Vampire, and can also be used in Gambit Schema. After the Candy Corn Vampire Gambit Schema expired, the candy corn was obviously stored back in Problem Sleuth's hat. Andrew Hussie obviously felt that this didn't need to be stated since the player definitely knows of the preciousness of each and every candy corn.[citation needed]

The ultimate sacrifice was made later when PS used the candy corn to defeat DMK.PS icon

In Homestuck[]

Candy corn made a cameo in Homestuck when John alchemized his Dad's Hat with a Problem Sleuth game to create an ordinary Fedora with four pieces of candy corn insideHS. Additionally, the trolls in Homestuck are seen to have horns that resemble Candy Corn in coloration.

The theme song for Squiddles in Homestuck mentions "candy corn shrimp".

The Midnight Crew also store their favorite candy in their hats, although they never actually use it for anything.

After attacking the MSPA site with a juju breaker, Caliborn was able to dislodge some of the header's candy corn pixel art, and used one to replace his missing tooth.

Caliborn jams some candy corn into the ACT 6 ACT 6 SUPERCARTRIDGE EXPANSION PACK! along with special stardust which causes the B2 session to become glitchy. One of these pieces of candy corn is visible as John flies around the damaged planets at the beginning of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4.