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Chittr is an Alternian social network or microblogging platform, similar to Earth's Twitter, first introduced in the Hiveswap Friendship Simulator and making its first canon appearance in Hiveswap: Act 2.

Like Twitter, Chittr users are represented by a screen name (usually their real first name), a handle, and an icon (usually an image of the user's face), and can list their current location in their profile. Users can follow each other and see posts on a feed, or exchange direct messages with their "Conticks" (with Trizza Tethis being a "Chumpolsory" contact). Like other Alternian social platforms, a user's posts are color coded to match their blood caste, and much like Bubblr posts and messages can be both "liked" and "disliked" with heart or spade buttons, with the addition of a third, diamond-shaped button.

Given Trizza's follower count of 1,117,328,182 and her Chumpolsory Contick status, it may be that there are exactly 1,117,328,183 Chittr users.


A development image of Cridea Jeevik's Prongle profile, featuring many incomplete and beta graphics.

For some period of Hiveswap's development, Chittr was instead going to be called Prongle, named presumably for the prongs of Trizza and Alternian royalty's signature weapon. Prongle was described as working "similarly to Facebook with a touch of Twitter and a sprinkle of Tumblr", and users would have communicated with "Fronds" and "Anemones" rather than Conticks. Notably the diamond button present on Chittr posts was absent from known images of Prongle.


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