Chumroll acts as achievements to the game Pesterquest, similar to how Befriendments worked in Hiveswap Friendship Simulator. These can be obtained by getting good endings on routes or by doing certain things during the route. The name is in reference to the chumroll feature of PesterchumHS.svg.

Chumroll Listings[edit | edit source]

Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4,[edit | edit source]

A Shorter Day[edit | edit source]


“You convinced John not to play a game. This probably won't have any far-reaching narrative consequences.”
— Chumroll description

The first Chumroll is obtained by completing John's route for the first time on a good ending. The MSPA Reader can be seen with John playing with cakes.

With Great Power...[edit | edit source]

Rose endcard victory v2.png

“You helped Rose with her mother's alcoholism. Your method was surely foolproof.”
— Chumroll description

This Chumroll is obtained by completing Rose's route for the first time on a good ending. In this ending, Rose and the reader lay in the woods area after having disposed of Rose's mom's liquor.

Cryptid McWhiskers[edit | edit source]

“You participated in the time-honored tradition of renaming someone else's familiar.”
— Chumroll description

A hidden Chumroll, this takes place in Rose's route by saying "No" at the first option. The reader will then teleport accidentally to Skaianet Laboratory, where Rose's mom and Mutie lie in wait. The Chumroll is obtained once dialog has passed where the reader names the kitten "Cryptid McWhiskers," which is also the title of said Chumroll.

BREAD: GOTTEN[edit | edit source]

Dave good end.png

“You and Dave sampled ambrosia.”
— Chumroll description

By completing Dave's route, this Chumroll is obtained. The reader and Dave are seen "getting that BREAD, son," a reference to the meme of the same name.

The Happiest Girl in the World[edit | edit source]

Jade endcard victory.png

“You and Jade hosted the world's greatest slumber party. The lack of apocalypse was your favorite part.”
— Chumroll description

The final route in the Beta Kid volumes, where, by getting the good ending on Jade's route and getting the kids to sleepover at her house, will collect the Chumroll. The description also mentions the "lack of apocalypse," referring to The Reckoning that ceases to exist at the beginning of Pesterquest.

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

Expedited Shipping[edit | edit source]


“You brought Karkat to meet some new friends. Nepeta would be proud.”
— Chumroll description

The first route in the trolls' volumes involves Karkat Vantas. His Chumroll is collected in the good ending of his route, where Karkat plays some video games with Dave and John, much to his disapproval.

Tentacle Therapy[edit | edit source]


“You assured Kanaya that liking draculas is really cool.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Kanaya Maryam's good ending.

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

Miracle Worker[edit | edit source]


“You got really high with Gamzee. Maybe a little too high...?”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Gamzee Makara's good ending, where he and the reader get high off of slime pie.

Motherthrower[edit | edit source]


“You changed Vriska's life forever. You wonder what broiled spider tastes like...”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Vriska Serket's good ending. The "broiled spider" is in reference to Vriska's Lusus being thrown into the volcano located on Jade's island.

No Doubles[edit | edit source]

“There's only room for one Petticoat Seagrift on the high seas.”
— Chumroll description

In Vriska's route, there is an option to select your class for FLARPing. By selecting "Leverage" and "Hubris" as your top attributes, you can be known as the "Petticoat Seagrift," the same class as Vriska. Unfortunately, you will be forced to pick a different class on finalizing your attributes, but in return the hidden Chumroll will be obtained.

Weenie[edit | edit source]

“You and Tavros have a lot in common.”
— Chumroll description

Similarly, by selecting "Appetite" and "Imagination" as your top attributes in class creation, you can be known as the "Boy Skylark," the same class as Tavros. Unlike the previous chumroll, you are allowed to progress without needing to change your class, however Vriska will note how "dopey" the choice is, and wishes the player luck with it.

Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Some Habits[edit | edit source]


“You helped Equius flex the most important muscle of all.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Equius Zahhak's good ending.

The Seeds of Revolution[edit | edit source]


“You reunited Terezi with her long-lost sister? You've never been more glad you're not a fish.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Terezi Pyrope's good ending. The "fish" are a reference to highbloods.

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

A Heart So True[edit | edit source]


“You stood by Tavros' side and helped renovate his hive. You still don't understand Fiduspawn, though.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Tavros Nitram's good ending.

A Beginner's Guide to Destroying Paradox Space[edit | edit source]


“You caused some havoc just because you could. Aradia's smile makes it all worth it.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Aradia Megido's good ending.

0_0[edit | edit source]

“You're really bad at taking hints.”
— Chumroll description

In Aradia's route, by failing to pick the right choice three times, despite the fact that the game points out the correct choice after the first try, this hidden Chumroll is obtained before kicking back to the title screen.

Volume 9[edit | edit source]

The Strange Little Cub[edit | edit source]

Nepeta meowrails end.png

“You helped Nepeta and her meowrail's ship sail.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Nepeta Leijon's good ending, where Nepeta reunites with Equius in person.

Sweet as Honey[edit | edit source]

Sollux good end.png

“You and Sollux enjoyed some well-needed afk time.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Sollux Captor's good ending.

:33[edit | edit source]

Nepeta group end.png

“*ac shared her pawsome den with efurrygrub*”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in the alternate ending to Nepeta's route, known as the group end. This is the first route to have two "good" endings that are both Chumrolls.

Volume 10[edit | edit source]

Fishing for compliments[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 8.58.26 PM.png

“You helped Eridan start to reflect on his worldviews. Well. Some of them.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Eridan Ampora's good ending.

Whale Of A Time[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 9.02.24 PM.png

“You motivated Feferi to seek the path of action and accomplishment.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Feferi Peixes's first good ending, where the path of worldly action and accomplishment are selected on the final choice in the route.

The World's Your Oyster[edit | edit source]

Screenshot 2020-01-16 at 9.00.57 PM.png

“You helped Feferi achieve meditation and transcendence.”
— Chumroll description

The chumroll is collected in Feferi's second good ending, where the path of meditation and transcendence are selected on the final choice in the route.

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