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Clawkind is the Strife Specibus of Nepeta Leijon. She uses gloves that have claws attached.

Claw Gloves[]

Location Found Nepeta's hive

These retractable claws consist of three sharp blades, used by Nepeta to take down beasts on Alternia. She wears them constantly, as you never know when you might encounter some unsuspecting prey. Or when some prey might encounter an unsuspecting you!HS.svg. We never see her actually use these claws, but we see some of her "prey" lying bloody on her hive's floor. The mechanics behind the gloves are somewhat of a mystery, as Nepeta wears a long-sleeved coat.

Action Claws[]

Blue claws.png
Location Found Land of Little Cubes and Tea

These blue claws were first seen later in act 5 when Nepeta's planet, the Land of Little Cubes and Tea, was introduced. They are longer than the Claw Gloves with a barbed point at the end of each claw. What Nepeta used to create these gloves is unknown. Looking at the color, shape of the hooks, and number of claws, it is possible that they are an alchemisation of the Claw Gloves and either Vriska's Fluorite Octet or Eridan's Ahab's Crosshairs (though they show no power beyond being scratchy claws).

Gamzee Makara used these (while Nepeta was still wearing them) to give himself his distinctive facial scars before killing Nepeta.

Konyyl's Gloves[]

Konyyl Claw.png

Claws used by Konyyl Okimaw. In Friendsim Vol. 7's good ending, she kills a group of pirates inside a spaceship with them.