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Cliper and Swifer Eggmop in the Homestuck Credits.

Cliper Borden is a jade blooded troll from Earth C. First appearing as an unnamed background character in the Homestuck Credits, tending to the 4/13 brood of new trolls alongside Swifer Eggmop, he was named "Clippr Borden" by Tumblr user askoursquad and first appeared under the name Cliper Borden in The Homestuck Epilogues.

In The Homestuck Epilogues (Dubiously Canon)[]

Cliper is mentioned brieflyCandy.png in Volume: Candy. He is seen by Karkat and Swifer on an ad for the show "Doing the Charleston with Notable Social Figureheads: Stars Versus Enemies of the State with Your Host Jake English." Cliper is very skilled when it comes to data analysis. He assumed the position of head analyst within Karkat's rebellion, and Swifer states that He could record a stat like nobody’s business but no one ever taught the boy how to dance. Cliper is notably absent from here on out, due to him serving life in prison and working in the Cake Mills.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon (Dubiously Canon)[]

Cliper makes his Volume: Meat debutHS2P.svg in "Catnapped," joining Swifer in being transported to Midnight City by Jasprosesprite^2 alongside Jake English and Jane Crocker.


  • Cliper's sign as shown in Homestuck^2 is Virza, sign of the Puzzle, a Mind-bound sign with a Derse sway. This differs from the sign he wore in the Credits, which more closely resembled Virgo.

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