Swifer and cliper

Cliper and Swifer Eggmop from the Snapchat Updates

Cliper Borden is a Jadeblood troll raised on Earth C . He first appears in the end credits sequence in the background of Rose's selfie with Swifer Eggmop, his broodmate and moirail. Cliper is briefly described as taciturn, though there is not much more information on him at the moment.

The Homestuck Epilogues (Dubiously Canon)Edit

Cliper is mentioned brieflyCandy in Volume Candy. He is seen by Karkat and Swifer on an ad for the show "Doing the Charleston with Notable Social Figureheads: Stars Versus Enemies of the State with Your Host Jake English."  Cliper is very skilled when it comes to data analysis. He assumed the position of head analyst within Karkat's rebellion, and Swifer states that He could record a stat like nobody’s business but no one ever taught the boy how to dance. Cliper is notably absent from here on out, due to him serving life in prison and working in the Cake Mills.

Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon (Dubiously Canon)Edit

Swifer cliper

Cliper in Homestuck^2

Cliper next appearsHS2P in the patreon exclusive bonus arc "Catnapped," which takes place in the Meat Timeline. He joins Jasprosesprite^2, Jake, Jane, and Swifer as Jane is instructed by Jasprosesprite^2 in the ways of "women, wine, and song."

His quirk is shown to be science themed, surrounding his statements with asterisms akin to diagrams of ions, as well as making ion puns. ⁂ionn think i cann pretend that makinn the fuckinn CAT VERSION of the seer of light a QUEEN is a good idea⁂ Like Swifer, he drops the g off of all -ing words.


  • Within the Homestuck^2 Bonus Updates, Cliper's sign is shownHS2P to be Virza, sign of the Puzzle . This makes him a Derse Dreamer and a Hero of Mind.
    • The sign is different from what was shown in the Credits, where both he and Swifer have signs that fail to match any of the Jade signs from the extended zodiac website.
  • Cliper was named by Tumblr user askoursquad in this post. They originally suggested the name as Clippr.

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