Clock Tower of Cartesian Alignment

The Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower of Cartesian Alignment is a location in Problem Sleuth that has a few functions in the game. When the Sextant is properly outfitted and the proper adjustments have been made to the clock tower's zoom and focus through a series of cranks, the Clock Tower transforms into the Clock Tower Cannon, and fires large cannon shells in time with the Sniper Rifle. The Clock Tower also signifies when the Witching Hour occurs, and the patrons go in to the Speakeasy to imbibe heavily late into the night. The Clock Tower's pane is also effectively a window to the viewport on the Chicago Overcoat. As the Sniper Rifle has an innocuous double, the clock tower itself reacts accordingly, and modifies itself to act as a universal Sextant for the holder of the Sextant to navigate with. Using the Sniper Rifle in such a manner actually moves the entire universe, steering the navigator's vessel.


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