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Clover is the fourth member of the Felt.

Concept and creation[]

Clover's hat is designed after the purple billiard ball numbered 4, and his name references the shamrock associated with Ireland and leprechauns in popular culture; in particular it refers to the four-leafed variety of the clover, which is said to bring great luck, alluding to Clover's abilities.


Caliborn's session[]

Intermission - original timeline[]

Clover gladly offers to provide advice to the Midnight Crew if they are able to solve one of his mindbending time-based riddles.[citation needed]

Clover is extremely superstitious, and gets very worked up when Spades Slick attempts to destroy the Lord English's vault with Crowbar's crowbar.[citation needed]

Intermission - unfavorable timeline[]

Clover is assumed dead in the unfavorable timeline created when Spades Slick destroys English's vault.HS.svg

He reappears after a while, so his luck didn't run out after all, unless time shenanigans were involved.[citation needed]

Act 6[]

He was defeated by Karkat Vantas in Collide. He had his eyes flash with a star, a heart, and a horseshoe, hinting at having some sort of feelings for Karkat in response to that, although our knowledge of leprechaun romance is limited.

Skills and abilities[]

Clover's power is incredible luck, which makes him very difficult to actually harm; he states that a gun pointed at him would probably just jam[citation needed]. Despite this making him immune to grievous harm, he can still be influenced with the use less lethal instruments, such as a rolled-up newspaper.[citation needed]

Due to his seemingly never-ending luck, he is the only member of the Felt who is never seen to have died of natural causes; it is possible that the temporal energy resulting from the opening of English's vault caused enough bad luck to render his powers useless.

Weapons and paraphernalia[]

He has also been shown to be in possession of one of Quarters' coins, namely the one coin that allows Quarters and himself to switch places.[citation needed]

As seen in Collide, Clover uses a Glock .45 as a ranged weapon, and a 2x4 piece of lumber - or "a 4x2 held sideways", something he shares with fellow Felt member Doze - as a melee weapon.[1]


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