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This article is about the "obscure cult" of Troll Highbloods. For the "mysterious cult" from Hiveswap, see Mysterious Cult.

The Church as seen in Hiveswap Friendsim.

Clown Church refers to the "rather obscure cult" favored by Gamzee Makara and many other Purplebloods, including the Grand Highblood, Kurloz Makara and Chahut Maenad. To some extent, Meulin Leijon is also an adherent.

The cult, as described in Gamzee's introductionHS, foretells of a BAND OF ROWDY AND CAPRICIOUS MINSTRELS which will rise one day on a MYTHICAL PARADISE PLANET that does not exist yet. This refersHS to Insane Clown Posse, who are likely the "capricious minstrels" referred to, and which may be synonymous with a concept of MIRTHFUL MESSIAHS, which is later much more frequently referenced. Indeed, the cult is heavily influenced by real world Juggalo culture, which it parodies. However, aside from being a reference to the two members of ICP, the so-called "mirthful messiahs" are later posited variously as being both Gamzee himselfHS, and also Lord EnglishHS​. The fact that one half of Gamzee's body was used as a component for English further complicates this relationship.

The name "Clown Church" is used to describe the cult in Hiveswap Friendship Simulator: Volume Nine; a more official name for the cult, if there is one, has yet to be revealed. Despite the cult being described as obscure in Homestuck, it seems to have been fairly prominent in Outglut during the time of Hiveswap - the MSPA Reader attends a busy religious service for the cult during Chahut's route in Volume Nine. If this is not coincidental, it may reflect the cult having varying popularity over time. A mysterious large troll that appears to be The Grand Highblood is the church's religious figurehead.

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