Bard with codpieces

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The codpiece is an item which appears in both Bard Quest and Homestuck. According to Andrew Hussie, the duty of a codpiece is to provide a guy with some solid boner poppin' space, maximising his comfort while inviting us to wonder what the state of the gentleman's erection is.

Bard QuestEdit

In Bard Quest these highly desirable items are made and sold by the codsmith at the Cod Palace. Your character steals a particularly impressive "Hull of the Flagship" codpiece, which wins over Flothers and Daunchy. They are especially useful when worn in cold and wet environments because they keep your groin warm and dry.

Hull of the FlagshipEdit

Hull of the Flagship

The Hull of the Flagship is a luxury codpiece that cost 10 golds. It even has ruffled trim and a bell. Alas, you do not have the golds for it, so in an act of understandable desperation you grab it and run.


The Bard god tier robes in Homestuck have codpieces as seen onHS Gamzee Makara andHS Cronus Ampora.

Gamzee's fake god tier outfit, including the cod piece, was gathered with help from his dancestor, Kurloz Makara. He also obtains a second smaller one which he usesHS as a cherub diaper.

The codpiece can be gathered in the second partHS of Openbound. The description says "if the crotch was any more forgiving, it could be canonized by the Vatican" which is a clear reference to Black Russian codpiece model from Blackadder.

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