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“"COMPLETE BULLSHIT" is basically The Internet, by Andrew Hussie. This is my take on just about anything that aggregates content or otherwise connects people with awful, overbearing garbage competing for your attention. Like Facebookreddittwitter4chantumblr, "organized" into uselessly narrow, gaudy rows, all kind of jittering, and daring you not to get a headache. People probably don't realise that I don't actually like the internet much at all. Though I pioneer its woods, I consider them cruel and unforgiving, and advise others to steer clear altogether. Probably like real explorers used to do.”
Homestuck Book 2 commentary

Complete Bullshit is a content aggregator application used by Dave Strider and his Bro to keep up with various blogs and other web pages, such as Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, GameFAQs, Wikipedia, CNN, IMDB, IGN, YouTube, and various websites on skateboarding and puppets, including Plush Rump. All of the tabs are colored to possibly keep them organized.

When shown to the player for the first time, the game tells you that "This is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.", referencing the many times Problem Sleuth used the phrase when the action used was particularly stupid.

As Hussie states in the commentary quoted above, the application is, essentially, a parody of the social side of the internet.

The Aggregated Content[]

  • itoldyouman
  • allpuppets allpimp. holla
  • YouTube-Broad-cast yourself. Silly puppet dance. comments: this is shit
  • All *PC *PS3 *Xbox360 *NintendoDS * PSP *|
  • Best of 2008|07|06 Advanced Search Sony PS3 | PSP | PS2 | PS One Micr
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  • Czech Marionettes the largest online exhibition of original marionettes, puppets, antique marionettes,
  • Contact Us Updates Reviews Previews News Videos Cheats and Codes Ga
  • Puppet Porn Mar 31,2008 ... Bodytonic News: Puppet Porn - in a time where it seems acceptable for artists to smoke crack, gang bang, shoot each other and parade every
  • Home - Profile - Friends - Inbox 1 - - Logout - Settings Account Settings Privacy Settings Application
  • COMIC #5: sweetbrocomesthru..........AGAIN COMIC#4:not even BARACK obana can bail him out of
  • review of game-bro's march issue oh man when this heady volume of unabridged awesome hit my doorstep it made a sort of thunderclap
  • Puppet from Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search for the configuration management tool see Puppet (tool)
  • plushrump your online one stop go-to for the plushest, plumpest bare rumps this side of jim hensons most sordid fantasies
  • skaianet news feed beta released stable release date bug reports
  • - Breaking News U.S. --World, Weather, Entertainment --- Meteor strikes around th
  • Puppeteers of America. Organisation of Puppetry National Association of Puppetry.
  • IMDB Puppetmaster (1989) (V) More at IMDB Pro . photos (see all 6 | slideshow) Videos
  • Muppetbabies (1984) Created by Jim Henson - w


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