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Cridea Jeevik is a young violet blooded troll living on Alternia during the time of Joey Claire's visit.

Her sign is Aqualo, sign of the Puppeteer, which has a Prospit sway and is bound to the Heart aspect.

Concept and creation[]

Cridea's Prongle profile.

Cridea was first revealed to the public in a development screenshot featuring her profile on "Prongle". Among the beta graphics used for her profile were a cat with horns as an icon and a piece of edited Feferi Peixes fanart as a header image. Her posts in the screenshot showcased her interest in memes, referencing a Troll-lolol-con, "LOL Shrimp", and meme theft by another troll.

A July 16, 2022 Stuck at Home Con stream revealed Cridea's official design, among other characters appearing in Hiveswap: Act 3.


Hiveswap: Act 1[]

An advertisement on a scuttlecoach stop outside Xefros Tritoh's hive refers to a "Jeevik Week".

Hiveswap: Act 2[]

Joey and Xefros catch a train seeking out Cridea on Jeevik Island, where Jeevik Week is being held.[citation needed] Cridea is spotted among Dammek's Chittr conticks alongside Trizza Tethis, who surpasses her followers by only one.


  • The Jeevik Week poster in Act 1 is written in the original Daedric form of the Alternian alphabet, rather than the revised script used in most of Hiveswap.