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Not to be confused with the Cosbytop.

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The Crosbytop is a computer that originally belonged to Dad and was later owned by Aradia Megido, and after that by Spades Slick. It resembles a picture of Bing Crosby - indeed, exactly the same picture which John sees in his father's room. It is the computer Aradia used to play Sgrub.

History[edit | edit source]

John came into possession of the Crosbytop after he found his dad's wallet. Later, John gives the wallet and all of its contents to a Wizardly Vassal so that he may deliver the Tumor to Rose and Dave on Derse. En route the wallet is stolen by the Courtyard Droll, who goes on to assassinate Jade, resulting in his death at the hands of Jack Noir who proceeds to claim the wallet. After he flees the session due to the scratch he arrives on Earth and proceeds to use a device in the Skyship Base to transportalize himself into the trolls' session. Upon arriving he destroys the remaining doomed Aradiabot duplicates, and he throws Lil Cal and inadvertently, the wallet, at the last doomed duplicate. Said duplicate travels back in time, is hit by a meteor, and taken through a gate to Alternia.

Past Aradia notices the meteor impact and investigates, within the remains of Cal she finds Dad's wallet which contains the Crosbytop. She starts using the Crosbytop as her own computer.

Later, the Crosbytop (or another instance) somehow comes into the possession of Spades Slick, stored in his War Chest. Spades uses the Crosbytop to visit MS Paint Adventures, and upon finding Homestuck as the current story there, calls it "a whole lot of nonsense" and closes the window. Later on he stabs the clock shown on the screen, thus destroying one of the thousand clocks in the Felt's mansion.

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