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Crowbar is the seventh member of the Felt.

Concept and creation[]

Crowbar's hat is designed after the maroon billiard ball numbered 7; his name comes from the number's resemblance to the prying tool, which is also Crowbar's primary weapon and method of interacting with the world.


Caliborn's session[]

Crowbar originated on a planet colored like a maroon billiard ball, formed when the Battlefield in Caliborn's session explodedHS.svg. Alongside the planets associated with Matchsticks and Quarters, however, his planet was not able to escape the event horizon of the black hole formed by the Battlefield's destruction, and the three fell inside before Caliborn's game could properly begin. As such, Crowbar joined Caliborn as a follower alongside Die after the green sixth planet was destroyed.HS.svg

Intermission - original timeline[]

Again alongside Matchsticks and Quarters, Crowbar was deceased before Spades Slick began his assault on the Felt mansion in the Intermission.[citation needed] However Spades later met him again in an alternate timeline when he started monkeying around with Die's voodoo doll.[citation needed] Spades bludgeoned the alternate timeline Crowbar and stuffed him into his Warchest, bringing him 'back to life', in a sense, in the original timeline.[citation needed] Was missing in time, along with the original Sawbuck, when they accidentally shot one another, but Slick sorted things out when they reappeared.[citation needed]

After his death, Spades used his crowbar to put an end to Eggs' and Biscuits' shenanigans, in addition to bludgeoning Matchsticks to death in Scratch's apartment.[citation needed]

Act 6[]

He later appears in Hussie's house, guiding Spades Slick, Ms. Paint, and the rest of the Felt through it. He later is deployed with the rest of the Felt on LOMAX where the majority of the gang would fight Jake English while he watched in indifference manner, and when Jake defeats the rest of the gang members involved, amazement.

Weapons and paraphernalia[]

Unlike many members of the the Felt, Crowbar does not seem to have an innate power (perhaps making him part of an unpowered pair with Die, much like Itchy/Doze and Trace/Fin form pairs with similar powers); instead he is almost always seen with his namesake crowbar, which can destroy any temporal artifact and completely negate its effect on the timelineHS.svg, allowing him to counter many other members of the gang, perhaps assisting in his leadership role[citation needed].

While the crowbar is Crowbar's primary melee weapon[citation needed], in its absence he is proficient with a baseball bat (augmented with lengths of barbed wire), as seen in Collide. In ranged combat he has been known to use a Škorpion submachine gun[citation needed]. Interestingly, he uses his bat and firearm with the opposite hand to the one he uses for crowbarring.

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