Various currencies exist throughout MS Paint Adventures.



Golds are the currency in Bard Quest. The Bard appears to have no Golds, and is unable to purchase anything and thus resorts to stealing throughout most of the game.



Spondulicks is a very old, slang term for money, used by such hard-boiled, devil-may-care men of the world as Problem Sleuth, and as catch-all denomination of currency in the titular adventure, Problem Sleuth. The singular of 'spondulicks' is 'spondulicks', the plural of 'spondulicks' is 'spondulick' (although 'spondulick' is only ever used to refer to truly vast quantities of 'spondulicks').

It appears that, in the Problem Sleuth world, Spondulick has no weight, and drops out immediately upon defeating enemies.


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Maplehoof grist

In Homestuck, grist is an important currency to Sburb players that is dropped by Underlings and used to alchemize objects and expand the player's house. Completion of the game requires a largue ammount of grist to be released into Skaia.


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Boondollars are the second most used currency in Homestuck throughout the Incipisphere. They can be earned through various means, including scaling the echeladder and completing sidequests.Sburb Logo They can used to buy various items, most notably, fraymotifs.

Troll caegarsEdit

Troll caegar

Although only a coin in Terezi's possesion is seen, Alternia's economy is important enough to have smugglers selling contraband in the black market and Tagora's personality revolving around it, swindling quite a sum from the player in his Friendsim route. Caegar is the trollified version of Julius Caesar, whom had coins bearing his portrait during his Empire.



An obvious parody of Bitcoin, these are THE BLEEDING EDGE OF MODERN IMAGINARY CURRENCY which Caliborn MADE UP WITH [HIS] COMPUTER to back his masterpiece. Only his minions seemed to fund the project, which required one zillium of the currency. The QR codes on the bills are functional; the public address codes redirect to the MSPA website, one of the private keys just reads "HAA HAA HEE HEE HOO HOO (...)" and the cutout code contains a real Bitcoin key.