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In The Homestuck Epilogues Edit

Dad appears brieflyMeat in Meat. As John is giving the teens some space for their reunion, a week before the meteors struckHS on John's birthday, he sees Dad through the window of his study. Dad is smoking a pipe and listening to his favorite jazz music. There's a kitchen timer set up on his desk. His window is slightly open, but he doesn't seem to notice John, and John soon walks away. The timer goes off just as John is using his retcon powers to zap away with the other kids.

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MSPA SnapchatEdit

A crocodile appears dressed up as Dad for Halloween in the Consort Kingdom.

Skaianet Systems Incorporated filesEdit

The files reveal that pre-scratch Dad's biological father is Stan Laurel and he was born in either 1945 or 1946. Later his mom married and he got a stepfather with the surname Egbert. In the post-scratch timeline, John Crocker's wife is covertly impregnated with Dad's pre-scratch self to be post-scratch Jane's father.

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