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Tetrarch Dammek is a bronze blooded troll who disappears from Alternia when the events of Hiveswap send him to Earth in place of Joey Claire.

His sign is Taurcer, sign of the Cherished, which has a Prospit sway and is bound to the Blood aspect.


"Tetrarch" is a title, meaning one of four leaders, from tetra meaning four and arkein, "to rule".

His name Dammek has several possible origins. "Damma" or "dama" is the Latin word for a fallow deer, referring to his lusus and matching antler-like horns. "Adama" is Hebrew for the Earth, possibly alluding to his transportation to the planet Earth or his connection to Xefros, whose name references another classical element, air.


Dammek is a founding leader of a rebellion against the rule of Trizza Tethis over Alternia, with his moirail Xefros Tritoh assisting him in most of his duties. Xefros has also been involved in much of Dammek's non-rebellion related life, such as their musical duo The Grubbels, which Dammek recruited Xefros to by giving him an autotune microphone he had created himself[2]. He frequently changed the name of the band between Grubbels and Grubbles, apparently for security reasons.

Xefros threw his 7th wriggling day party early, out of fear that he might not be able to see his moirail again before Dammek underwent his Rites of Maturation[1].

On the day of Hiveswap: Act 1 Dammek told Xefros to put a battery in the weapon in his basement[3]. Some time later an explosion was heard from his hive and he disappeared, Joey - who briefly passed him in the beams of light emitted by the portals - appearing in his place.

Personality and Traits[]

Having only been spotted briefly in person, Dammek's personality can so far only be gleaned from his hive and his relationship with Xefros. On stage as lead member and drummer of The Grubbles, Dammek is said to perform with a percussive machismo[4].

He seems extremely cautious, likely due to his secret rebellion against the Alternian system, with his hive showing a conspiratorial obsession with security; most of his hive (and some of Xefros') is under the watch of closed circuit cameras, and many of the rooms of his hive contain caches of weapons and ammunition. Other items in his possession, such as a model of a troll being abducted by a flying saucer, might indicate his paranoia extends to more paranormal topics, not unlike Jude Harley.

His attention to cleanliness and hygiene, however, is far less obsessive, with garbage littering much of his hive and Xefros, as a member of the serving rust caste, seeming to be expected to take care of his hive's upkeep.


Xefros Tritoh[]

Though Dammek and Xefros are moirails, Xefros appears to be skittish and wary when he thinks he is talking to him. Dammek seems to quiz or test Xefros on espionage technique regularly and without warning, and their relationship overall is less than warm; even when the two of them are alone together, Dammek will dictate what Xefros eats[5] and when he takes photographs[6], and Xefros' involvement in The Grubbels seems to have been at Dammek's command[2].



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