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Dave Strider's bedroom is a location in Homestuck and the bedroom of Dave Strider. The walls are covered with posters of rap groups that are obviously very cool or practically unknown and thus cool by default, including a poster of Sawtooth and Squarewave . There are some sweet turntables upon which unbelievably ill jams are created. On the wall above hangs a pair of ninja swords. A concrete block/plywood desk is topped by a computer equipped with gear for remixing the previously mentioned jams. A similar second desk is set up beneath the window. In one corner there is a bed made with card suit sheets, above which hangs a poster of the Midnight Crew, appropriately. A smaller poster of the Midnight Crew's nemeses, the Felt, hangs next to it. A window placed in the center of the far wall looks outside. To the right of the window is a shelf stocked with a collection of weird dead things preserved in various ways. There is a closet which has been remade into an improvised dark room for developing photographs.

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