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In Pesterquest[]


Dave Strider first appears in Volume 1 of Pesterquest in messages with John Egbert, questioning the MSPA Reader's credibility as a mailman and insinuating that they deliberately lost the mail. Dave eventually relents, wishing John a happy birthday.

Dave makes his prominent appearance in Volume 3. The reader initially appears on the roof of Dave's house before cooling down in his living room and getting to know him a bit more. Among his continuous sick raps and rhymes, much can be found out about his questioning sexuality, his relationship with his bro and most importantly, getting that bread.

Dave is later seen throughout the rest of the routes. In Jade's route, Dave is seen when the reader gathers up Jade's friends to have a sleepover. He is initially reluctant, since he had trouble with his bro after the recent Olive Garden visit, but eventually comes with the reader, alongside John and Rose, to have their sleepover. He is last seen doodling fursonas with Jade during said sleepover. It is assumed after this point that he and his friends are more close thanks to teleportation powers from both the reader and Becquerel allowing them to see each other in person.

In Karkat's route, he is seen alongside John when the reader and Karkat teleport over to his house after a recent drone inspection. The reader is initially confused that John is over at Dave's house, though he states that Bec sent the two over after the recent sleepover. He, along with John, notice the curled-up and confused troll lying on the floor, and after a bit of debate on whether aliens are real or not, they see that Karkat has escaped onto the roof. Dave joins him and the reader, questioning MSPAR's friend choices, but taking it in stride, and bonding with Karkat over some video games alongside John in his living room.

Later on, in the 9th volume, Dave visits Jade at her house, and the two play with her squiddles before being interrupted by the teleporting MSPA Reader and their new, freaked-out friend, Nepeta Leijon. Dave initially tries to be friendly with the alien, though she quickly sprints toward the window, not realizing that Jade lives within a tower. The Reader teleports her back to her hive, but unfortunately, ends up bringing Dave and Jade along as well. Nepeta's lusus, sensing intruders, attacks Jade. What happens next is dependent on the reader's choice:

  • If the reader fails to block the attack, Jade shoots and kills the lusus, angering Nepeta in the process. She attacks the marksman, who then flees from the cave. Dave follows her into the woods, which is the last he and Jade are seen.
  • If the reader does block the attack, however, they take the full brunt of the attack, prompting Dave, Jade, and Nepeta to try patching them up quickly and prevent further blood loss. The attack causes the three to grow accustomed to each other more, and when the reader eventually comes to, Dave can be seen with his friends helping them as well as exchanging stories. Dave is last seen with the two checking out Nepeta's shipping wall while the reader rests.

In The Homestuck Epilogues[]

From the reader's point of view, Dave's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where his Canon biography ended.


Retcon-recruited teen[]

John, using his retcon powers to zap from the epilogues back into the story proper, arrives on LOHAC. Interrupted in the middle of his impassioned monologue to grimbark JadeHS.svg, Dave is thoroughly confused seeing three Johns floating above him. Adult John sends the other two Johns away from the situation, and the remaining three kids talk through the confusing scenario. John recruits the two teens to fight Lord English with him, since Dave has just made his legendary sword. Jade protests, but John zaps her away first, to negate her brainwashing. Dave and John follow soon after, after John debriefs him further on the situation and reassures his uncertainty about whether this fight is necessary if they already won.

John brings Dave, along with the other teen beta and alpha kids, to his own backyard on April 6th, 2009. As John gets lost in nostalgia, Dave is the first to ask about what happened to everyone in the retconned timelines, including the mayor. This prompts Jade to confess that she was about to kill the carapacian before John zapped her away, and the two of them argue. John interrupts with a lukewarm speech about sacrifice, and the group begins a messy planning session for the coming battle. John walks away for a while, and returns to the kids arranged in different groups, including Dave and Dirk sitting tensely near each other. Everyone gets up, holds hands in a circle, and zaps away.

They find themselves in a strange, dark place, and Dave wonders where the hell are we. Jade quickly sniffs out Caliborn, who has an intense staredown with John, brags about his MASTERPIECE, and laughs at them all. Not many details are given of the ensuing battle, save for somebody tripping over a cape which is most likely Dave's, but the narration seems to indicateMeat.png the kids put up more of a fight against the cherub than the initial claymation implied. Caliborn eventually feels overwhelmed and unleashes the Juju on the four beta kids, much to their shock. They all get sucked into it almost instantaneously, and Caliborn laughs at them as he returns the Juju to the chest and closes it.

After the group lands in the impossibly bright white prison, Rose quickly tries to account for everyone and their safety, with Dave and Jade answering first. Each of the kids is secluded from the others in one of the four main chambers that the Juju contains, and as shown in Act 7, this matches their arrangement on the exile stations' computer monitors. Jade asks Dave if he's okay, and the two discuss how they respectively can't feel space or time within the prison. As the fight between the alpha kids and Caliborn rages louder outside, Rose tries to ask John what her future self's plan was. John tries to fill her in, but Dave and Jade express frustration with how inaudible John is. Once he gives up on shouting, Dave and Jade take the time to loudly reminisce with each other. John eventually chimes back in with more success to shout to the other kids that THE JUJU HAS TO UNLOAD, and all they can do is wait (for quadrillions of years, from an outside perspectiveMeat.png).

After the Juju's eternity in the Furthest Ring and Homestuck CanonHS.svg, Vriska eventually unleashes itHS.svg against Lord English, and John and the others emerge from the Juju just after Vriska is sucked into the black hole herself. Dave, Rose, and Jade stand confused and frightened behind John as they all take in the scene of the black hole, the ghosts falling into it, and Lord English himself. As Dave puts it, "its really popping off out here" Meat.png

Earth C adult[]

Shortly after John leaves, we see Dave and Karkat sitting at their home in the Troll Kingdom watching tv. Dave sees the announcement about Jane running for president, and shows Karkat. Dave goes on to elaborate how Jane will be detrimental to the economy (frequently invoking Obama's untapped potential) and the troll race's rights. Dave convinces Karkat to run for the presidency in competition with Jane, and immediately begins to discuss campaign strategies and key endorsements, as Dirk suddenly calls him from the set of his TV show. Dave is still watching the 3 hour long broadcast as Dirk takes the call and the crowd becomes increasingly impatient and agitated throughout the whole scene. Dave asks Dirk whether the show "is as rigged as it looks", and the camera briefly pans over to fans in the crowd while Dirk confirms and justifies this. Dave and Jake both seem concerned with the crowd's irritation at Dirk holding up the show, but Dirk dismisses them both. Dave drills into Dirk more about why he wants people to hate him so much, but Dirk clarifies that the true purpose of the exercise is to paint Jake as a hero and spread his public appeal, as well as "to maximize his political capital." Dirk reveals that he and Jane have been collaborating on her bid for the presidency of Earth C for a while. The two argue about political and economic policy, and Dirk also tells Dave that encouraging Karkat to run against her would be a bad idea. Dave is naturally caught off guard to hear Dirk is aware of the plans they literally just made, but Dirk essentially calls the move a predictable development. Dave wavers in the face of Dirk being steps ahead of him, but ultimately reverse psychology leads him to continue with his plans for Karkat.

Some time later, Jade joins the two boys in their home, as she frequently has over the past seven years. Many of her belongings, including a JPEG periodic table Dave made for her, are scattered around the living room. Dave is talking to them at length, with little response, about Jane's capitalist political stances, such as deregulation, and his own regrets for not setting up a social democracy in Earth C's early days. Dave eventually asks "are you two even listening or are you just making noises with your mouths," at which the other two scoff, and Jade bluntly says "there are much better things we could all be doing with our mouths.....," which makes both of the boys uncomfortable. Dave quickly changes the topic, as he is apparently very used to doing, by pulling up a powerpoint slide about the main political issues of troll reproduction. Jade and Karkat seem impatient, as Dave has already explained this repeatedly, and Dave playfully jabs Karkat with his elbow. Jade takes this as an opportunity to force the boys to talk about their feelings, after warming Dave up with some financial calculations about Jane's policies. Dave and Karkat are both putting up huge walls about their feelings for each other, as well as possibly Jade, and try to dismiss the conversation. She eventually steals the tablet from Dave and draws a shipping grid for the whole room to see. Despite her excitement, Dave and Karkat are too shocked to respond when she's done. She is dejected, but leaves and tells them to think it over and sort it out. Dave helps Karkat up from the floor, and they avoid making it a romantic moment.

He suspects Dirk is up to something but does not act. He works with Jade to establish a campaign plan. He accompanies Karkat on his campaigns and winning each "lines of loyalty"; they interview Kanaya and Jake while Jade handles Roxy and Calliope. He is horrified when Jake's endorsement speech goes south. He ironically becomes an alcoholic but it is clear he is legitimately upset by the election's failure. The tragedy canonizes DaveKat. He jokes about a possible incestuous connection between Rose and Dirk. He correctly interprets Jade's (possessed by Alternate Calliope) gestures to pursue Dirk thus prompting Karkat to lead the group after them.


Past retcon timeline[]

Shortly after John selects candy, he zaps back into canon to retrieve Gamzee Makara, appearing in the scene where Dave and Dirk are embracingHS.svg after their intense heart-to-heart. Unlike Dirk, Dave doesn't appear to notice John at all.


Dave briefly talks about Jane's former bid of presidency. He spends most of his time trying to mediate the the sexual and romantic tension of Jade living with him and Karkat but he fails spectacularly. He absconds from an unwanted "date" with the two. He seeks John's advice on his feelings for both Karkat and Jade. He tries to play it cool but he is stressed out and snaps at the mention of timeline canonicity. He then seeks Dirk's advice but is blindsided when he discovers Dirk's suicide note. He delivers an extremely heartfelt eulogy at Dirk's funeral. The tragedy nearly canonizes DaveKat. He refuses John's offer to retcon Dirk's death. Somewhere between this and Roxy's confirmed pregnancy, he, Jade, and Karkat consent to a polygamous relationship. He discusses John's marriage and upcoming child with Karkat and Jade which Jade turns into a conversation about their relationship and having children. He believes he would be a horrible father especially given his experiences with three-way relationships. He references Jane's household as abusive much to Jade's displeasure. Their relationship realtalk zone is interrupted by teenage-Jade from the Meat timeline arriving nearby. He does not side with either Jane or Karkat during a political conflict. He attempts to console Karkat afterwards but Karkat remains scornful and storms off. Karkat distances himself from Dave and Jade during the funeral for teenage-Jade implying he is no longer a part of their relationship. He fails at comforting Jade upon seeing her own younger corpse but agrees that Rose is still worse at physical reassurance than he is. He shows up to Harry Anderson's fifth birthday party at Jane's mansion alongside Jade and expresses fondness for Harry Anderson's quirky nature but scold him for his standards of toxic masculinity. During the confrontation with John he does not share his opinions on the fate of Tavros Crocker but he does believe that the relationship conflicts are unnecessary. Ten years later he marries Jade out of the guise of Jane's growing government influence. He makes John his best man. He expresses disappointment that Karkat did not show up, unaware that he actually did, and admits to John that he could never completely move on from his feelings. At some point either he or Karkat reached out for Dave and Jade to assist the troll resistance. During a special reconnaissance assignment with Jade he finds the ruins of the Oval Office in the jungle where he has an inspiring conversation with Obama about his sexuality and his purpose in life. He thus becomes Davebot. It is uncertain what happens to his corpse or whether Jade is aware of his transformation but he eventually joins Alternate Calliope and Aradia in escaping the non-canonical world inside the black hole.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[]

From the reader's point of view, Dave's story in Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon picks up from the two timelines where The Homestuck Epilogues left off.

Dave first appears in Chapter 3HS2.svg, How Are Your Feelings, aboard Jake's ship along with Karkat, Roxy, Kanaya, Calliope and Jade, whose body is possessed by Alternate Calliope. Dave and Karkat are startled awake by Alternate Calliope, and both decide to leave for the kitchen. After getting coffee, Dave decides to check up on Kanaya, who's stargazing. She tells Dave about a nursery story Rose used to read grubs, and tells Dave they didn't have the obligation to come along with her, but Dave assures her that they wouldn't want to be apart, and confesses that he feels better in that spaceship than he did back on Earth.

In Chapter 12HS2.svg, Really Convoluted Metaphorical Horseshit, he discusses with Karkat about his state of immortality and how it affects their relationship, but Karkat insists they should focus on their current mission. LaterHS2.svg, in Ok So There's This Flower, Roxy confronts Dave about how his relationship with Karkat seems to be showing up all over the ship. After asking Dave how they will deal with Dirk once they arrive, Dave is interrupted by Karkat screaming. He tells Roxy that Calliope, who has been traveling through the ventilation system since Alternate Calliope left Jade's body, has inexplicably been leaving little piles of meat for him.

In his new body, Davebot has been traveling with Aradia and Alternate Calliope (who is controling Jade's recruit retcon teenage body) since they left the Candy timeline through a blackhole that Alternate Calliope created. Dave has since been getting acquainted with both of them.

Meanwhile, Dave's remaining body was discovered in the Candy timeline.

In other media[]

MSPA Snapchat[]

Dirk appears dressed as Hella Jeff to match Dave's Sweet Bro outfit for Halloween. A crocodile is also seen dressed up as a doomed Dave, and later Dave poses with Jade, John, and Rose in their costumes.

Paradox Space[]

John's BirthdayPXS icon.png

Dave is at the zoo with everyone for John's birthday, ready to give him a present. After John complains about a monkey with a knife, Dave goes on one of his signature rambles, criticizing John for using such stereotypically random elements in his story. He angrily points in John's face, drops his birthday hat and present, and walks away.

PrototypedPXS icon.png

Dave is facing down Jack Noir with the other B2 players, wielding Caledscratch and wearing his alpha timeline shirt from the LOHACSE shenanigans. After Jack repeatedly fails to prototype due to the lack of arms, Dave affirms John's question about it being a doomed timeline, and shrugs as he walks away with the others.

Quality TimePXS icon.png
Nak WorthPXS icon.png

Dave is seen in a cooking pot in the background as the Nakkadile protagonists express sympathy for his clear lack of market sense.

Indemnity Double ReacharoundPXS icon.png

After Terezi finishes her scalemate story, Dave is seen sitting on the floor of the meteor's Can Town complaining that her tale was "dumb as shit"

Soul-Fraying GamesPXS icon.png
Garbage DayPXS icon.png

As Terezi is complaining about the garbage buildup and lack of waste facilities on the meteor, Dave dismisses her complaint. She then tricks him into checking if his shoes are tied (and rambling about their status) as everybody else calls "not it". He isn't too thrilled to take out the garbage, but is nonetheless amused when it hits Bec Noir in the face after he Dave throws it off the back of the meteor.

Secret SuffererPXS icon.png
Lady Grimme and the Red KnightPXS icon.png
Three out of Five HatsPXS icon.png
Steward of VoidPXS icon.png
Summerteen RomancePXS icon.png


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