The Demimonde Goddess is a character in Problem Sleuth that was originally summoned by the Strumpet Priestess. She is a light blue female that wields a harp and wears a headband of sorts.

She first appeared in the story as an ally summoned to help the battle against Dark Matter Mobster Kingpin. However, before she was able to inflict so much as a scratch, she was sucked into his black hole-esque body.

When she finally landed, she found herself to be on BHMK's hat. In an attempt to escape, she summoned one thousand Courtesan Angels to her side. However, despite her best attempts, it seemed there was no way to escape the black hole.

Once Hysterical Dame, Nervous Broad, and their group landed on BHMK's hat, they were reacquainted with the Demimonde Goddess.

The quantum uncertainty effects of BHMK separated the Goddess into two Demimonde Semigoddesses, one of which was able to escape the black hole as Hawking radiation. She then can lead her band of quantum-divided angels and anti-angels against DMK.

The Demimonde Semigoddess in the black hole ordered the angels and anti-angels to aggress DMK's fetal seedpod, but their attempt was unsuccessful. DMK uses Vexatious Glower and kills all of the angels, anti-angels and the Demimonde Semigoddess, but they distracted DMK long enough to allow the seedpod to get nailed by a stray Captain Snoop bust.

Eventually, and with no explanation or description given, the Semigoddess who remained alive caught wind of Fiesta Ace Dick's death. This saddened her, for she had come to like the muscular fellow. She decided to spring him and his odd friend from Death's office and bring them to her island in the sky. It is here where she had a baby with Fiesta Ace Dick and was brought Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh by the three Whores.


  • "Demimonde" means "a person or group of people who live a hedonistic lifestyle". It has also been used as a euphemism for "prostitute". Given her association with "Strumpet Priestess" and "Courtesan Angels," it's likely this was the intended meaning.
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