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Die is the sixth member of the Felt.

Concept and creation[]

Die's hat is designed after the green billiard ball numbered 6, and his name alludes to a singular dice, a typically 6-sided gambling artefact. Die is also a verb meaning to 'stop living', fitting the use of his juju.


Caliborn's session[]

On Alternia[]

Die uses his juju to settle grudges with other members of the the Felt by travelling to timelines where they are no longer alive.[citation needed]

Intermission - original timeline[]

As the other members of the the Felt are picked off by the Midnight Crew, Die's use of his juju frequently has him appear close behind.[citation needed]

When Die attempts to escape Spades Slick by travelling to a timeline where the Dersite is dead, he appears on a barren post-Reckoning Alternia without any signs of civilisation, learning that Slick very literally made this town.HS.svg Returning to the alpha timeline shortly after, Slick subsequently [helps] the green man live up to his name.HS.svg

Act 6[]

Weapons and paraphernalia[]

Unlike most members of the the Felt, Die seems to have no innate abilities of his own. Instead he is in possession of a juju, resembling a pop cultural voodoo doll, which he uses to travel between timelines unassisted.[citation needed] He may be considered part of a pair with Crowbar, another powerless leprechaun adjacent to him in the Felt, or with Stitch, who uses similar juju dolls.

As seen in Collide, Die uses a 6-cylindered S&W model 19 firearm and a shillelagh for melee combat.[1]


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