Dirk Strider is a skilled mechanic, and created several robots over the years. These include making his own rap battle partners, a sparring partner for Jake English, and a fully robotic shell encasing the original Con Air bunny. He also helped Jake in constructing the Uber Bunny for Jade Harley.

Squarewave Edit

Squarewave is one of two rap-battling robots built by Dirk Strider. His appearance is based on one of the robots in the C.R.U.N.K. poster on the wall of Dave's room. He is an enthusiastic rapper, but Dirk can easily beat him in a rap battle, unlike his counterpart Sawtooth, whom Dirk has never beaten. His name comes from a kind of waveform. The mouths of both Sawtooth and Squarewave are reminiscent of the shapes of their namesake waves.

He is shown to use red text with near perfect syntax, using outdated slang and all caps. He is also predictably susceptible to liquids, dashing the hopes of fans longing for a Squarewave BLUH moment.

When the Red Miles attack Earth and kill Roxy, Dirk flies to her house and brings Squarewave with him. After kissing Roxy's corpse, Dirk commits suicide via sendificator to ensure his own dream self's revival, leaving Sawtooth in charge of starting the entry process so Roxy's house will arrive in the Medium.

Sawtooth Edit

Sawtooth is one of two rap-battling robots built by Dirk Strider. Dirk has never beaten him in a rap battle. Like Squarewave, his name comes from a kind of waveform. The mouths and hands of both Sawtooth and Squarewave are reminiscent of the shapes of their namesake waves.

Prior to his first appearance, pictures of him appear on a screen in Dirk's room in the Flash [S] RAP OFF!!!!!!!!!!HS. Even further back, a poster of him and Squarewave can be seen in Dave's room. He looks kind of like he's Squarewave's chill older bro.

He later appearsHS when Dirk is fighting the Imperial Drones on his rooftop. It is shownHS that underneath his hooded cape, he keeps two rocket launchers. He then meets up with Squarewave on the roof.

When the Red Miles attacks Earth and kills Roxy, Dirk flies to her house and brings Squarewave with him. Sawtooth is left behind to begin the entry process so Dirk's house can enter the Medium.

Brobot Edit


The brobot is a  fully roboticised twin of himself that Dirk made and sent to Jake, as the boy had wanted a sparring partner. Comes with all the awesome. Ironically fulfilled half of Dave's idiotic thought by bleating like a goat in order to distract (then decapitate) an extremely familiar sea-goat on Jake's island. Apparently puts Jake in a lot of violent encounters quite frequently. Contains the uranium that Jake needs to send a certain very important delivery. He once beat the crap out of JakeHS à la clog-dancing on his face, skipping him like a rock across the ocean (saving him before he sank only to inflict other tortures), et cetera. According to Jake, the fight ended with Brobot throwing a weird tantrum and ripping his nuclear heart out in front of [Jake].

According to JakeHS, Brobot is nigh impossible to spar with save for when his difficulty setting is set to Novice; however, Jake admits that under these conditions the whole proceeding seems to become a bit tender for [his] liking. It does not appear to have a kill mode, like most of Dirk's robotsHS, though if it did, it would probably never have been activated, as it would have easily killed Jake.

Lil Sebastian Edit

Lil Seb
Main article: Huggy Bear/Lil Sebastian

Previously known as Huggy Bear, before coming into the ownership of Jane. A fully robotic bunny created by Dirk Strider. Contains the original Liv Tyler bunny, which appears to have been stolen from post-scratch Dave, a process which likely involved some form of shenanigans. Appears to have a reputation for mischief. Seemingly died when he fell into the ocean, but was later found alive, albeit heavily rusted, by Gamzee and Caliborn on Earth far into the future. He could be possibly named for the mini horse Li'l Sebastian from Parks & Recreation.

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Trivia Edit

  • Squarewave seems to be in favor of Dirk and Roxy being in a relationship, because he has been known to exclaim Yeah dogg!!! both times they kissed. However, he might also just be programmed to do this any time anyone is sucking face in his presence.
  • Squarewave and Sawtooth were first seen on a poster in Dave's room long before Dirk was introduced.

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