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Dirk's room

Dirk's room is a location in Homestuck and the bedroom of Dirk Strider. It was first seen hereHS.svg. Dirk seems to have a weird fascination with horses (possibly a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as there are also pictures of one of its characters his room, whom he says he loves unironically), and he is fond of puppets. He has many SBAHJ items, including both posters and plushies of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. He has Dave's Unreal Air and Sord...... The room also has robot parts including a disembodied sawtooth head, a kick-ass computer, three PCs, and Lil' Cal wearing Dersite clothes. His pre-scratch self's Rocket Board and collection of both smuppets and hats are seen. His room contains a very small Maplehoof, a few Fancy Santas and Seagulls. It has a variety of turntables and music-editing equipment. On the walls are the same pictures of Starsky & Hutch characters that Dave has, various horse-related pictures, a map of Atlantis and an unknown poster. He owns a copy of the calendar Hearts Boxcars found himself in when he was clocked out of the current calendar yearHS.svg by Cans, some GameBro magazines, and what appears to a Crockercorp Sendificator. Pool balls are printed on his bed sheets, where Dave had suits of cards.

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