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In Pesterquest Edit


Dirk Strider appears in Volume 14: 'Just Go Ahead Now'. In this route, the MSPA Reader attempts to befriend Dirk, to varying degrees of success. In the route, the MSPA Reader meets Dirk with some apprehension, as they have had their memoriees restored by Aradia and the impression they have of him, from Bro Strider and Jake, gives them some pause. Dirk exhibits some knowledge of the way Canon works, as well as predicting certain steps of MSPA Reader's friendship courting rituals before they happen, making the whole process feel more stilted and telegraphed than it needs to. Dirk's Ultimate Self from the future appears, attempting to seduce Dirk down the path that will lead to his existence, which MSPA Reader prevents by uniting Dirk with a version of Dave from the Candy timeline. Dave convinces Dirk not to go through with it, and the Victory screen shows the pair joking around.


In The Homestuck Epilogues Edit

From the reader's point of view, Dirk's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up where his canon biography left off.

Dirk is a major character in The Homestuck Epilogues. Upon realizing his Ultimate Self, Dirk is fully aware of John's significance to the plot of Homestuck and as such utilizes this in a unique way to influence the narrative. Still, Dirk does not seem to be able to influence John's choice in the prologue.

In the meat timeline of The Homestuck Epilogues, Dirk gains a state of being known as the Ultimate Self. This state essentially provide him near-omniscience, allowing him to communicate with the reader and other characters present in his reality through the narrative, much the same way as the Exiles communicated with Sburb players during Homestuck.

Thus, corrupted by feelings of self-importance based on his narrative abilities, Dirk has manipulated the timeline in many ways, such as: swinging Earth C's presidency to Jane's favor as opposed to Karkat; "helping" John defeat Lord English and bring Terezi back to Earth C; encouraging the "canonization of Davekat", a matespritship of Karkat and Dave; and, most notably, facilitate the next session of Sburb.

All events aforementioned ultimately lead to accomplishing the latter. The political drama provides ample distraction to those who could intervene (save for Alternate Calliope, whom is easily aware of his meddling), and bringing Terezi home appears to be crucial in his plan—albeit for yet undisclosed reasons—as he coerces her to accompany him.

Over time, he also coerces Rose based on her increasing realization of her own Ultimate Self and his understanding of such power. Through Dirk, she is able to safely transcend with mechanical applications, as he bestows her the title of "Rosebot." Further, he convinces both her and Kanaya that their marriage was loveless and simply a stepping stone for their individual development, primarily through influencing their thoughts with his narrative powers, which both primes Rose to leave her sentiment willingly and prevents Kanaya from seriously intervening.

Meanwhile, Jake is forced by Dirk to submit all feelings to himself, eventually becoming brainwashed after intense, repetitive mental coercion, although Dirk laments this was unintentional. This allows Dirk to garner a spacecraft for departing off-world permanently, both to flee from Alternate Calliope's influence and to seek a planet suitable for housing the next Sburb. He leaves without anyone able to stop him before it is too late.

He is last seen in Postscript on the ship taking them to a new class-M planet, alongside Rosebot and Terezi, who currently has captchalogued the corpse of John Egbert.


Past retcon timeline Edit

Shortly after John selects candy, he zaps back into canon to retrieve Gamzee Makara, appearing in the scene where Dave and Dirk are embracingHS after their intense heart-to-heart. John sneaks over to the fridge, not wanting to interrupt the moment. Dirk notices him as he touches the fridge, but doesn't say anything and turns back around.

Present Edit

After John brings Gamzee to Earth C, present-day Dirk feels that something is very different in the timeline, and has an intense psychosomatic reaction. After collapsing against a wall, he calls Jane, ordering her to cancel her presidential bid. She expresses concern for his uncharacteristic behavior, but he brushes off her questions and hangs up. He then texts Jake to cancel their television stunts and blocks him.

After writing a note, he hangs himself publicly in Can Town, confirming a Just death based on his self-hatred and unjust narrative intentions. Unbeknownst to him, his death is the catalyst to the Dirk from Meat realizing his Ultimate Self.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon Edit

From the reader's point of view, Dirk's story in Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon picks up in the two timelines where The Homestuck Epilogues left off.

Dirk's is the first character to appear in Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon. Previously in the Meat timeline, Dirk solicited Jake for a spacecraft off-world. As captain of the ship, one dubbed Theseus, he drafts and writes Homestuck^2 from his roomHS2. As the ship approaches his destination he allows Terezi to communicate with him through the ship's command station, before Rose contacts him about their imminent landing.

As according to his death in the Candy timeline, Dirk does not reappear in Homestuck^2:Beyond Canon. However, another incarnation, Brain Ghost Dirk, appears in Jake's dream, wherein he saves the middle-aged man from a nightmarish monster. After transporting himself to the real world, this Dirk suggests that Jake should spy on Jane for Karkat's increasingly stronger rebellion under the guise of getting back together. He makes a reference to the Dirk from Meat taking all the attention for Dirks for himself.

In other media Edit

MSPA Snapchat Edit

Dirk appears dressed as Sweet Bro to match Dave's Hella Jeff outfit for Halloween.

Paradox Space Edit

Dirk has two minor appearances within the Paradox Space comics.

Ace Sleuth JanePXS icon​​​​​​

Dirk makes an appearance at the end of the comic, after Jane's extensive sleuthing throughout what appears to be her house. He states that he ate her sandwich, and that he felt sorry only before Jane's "detective bit."

Cherub CharitablePXS icon​​​​​​

Dirk, along with the rest of the Alpha kids, participates in Christmas giving. He gets the book "Complacency of the Learned," the book written by post-scratch Rose, in exchange for one of those hella sweet posters he keeps goin on about.

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