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Doze is the second member of the Felt.

Concept and creation[]

Doze's hat is designed after the blue billiard ball numbered 2, and his name phonetically resembles dos, the name for the number in Spanish and several similar languages. It also describes his slow, languid personality.


Caliborn's session[]

Doze originated on a planet colored like a blue billiard ball, formed when the Battlefield in Caliborn's session exploded. Caliborn was awared Doze as his second follower when he destroyed the planet by sending it into the black hole formed by the Battlefield's death.

Intermission - original timeline[]

Doze was captured by Clubs Deuce and given a sound drubbing with Clubs' Crook of Felony. He was freed by Itchy, and began an incredibly slow escape. Clubs recaptured him, tying him up with a Stretch Armstrong doll and shoving him into his Battledrobe. He was later killed when Clubs Deuce put an explosive in his hat, just as his time powers wore off. The same explosion took out Trace.

Act 6[]

Slick later found himself in Doze and the rest of the Felt's company (save Snowman) when he pulled their pins from Die's doll. Doze recognises Slick as his new leader due to his possesion of Lord English's cuestaff, and Crowbar leads them all through the fifth wall into Doc Sratch's apartment to find the magic timepiece, which can be used as an emergency exit.

Slick forces Doze and the rest of the Felt into Biscuits' oven to fit them through the clock, and after a long flight to the B2 session, he dumps the gang on the Land of Mounds and Xenon while he flies away to fight the closest thing to Lord English in the session. On LOMAX, Doze and the Felt come into conflict with Jake English; after a long and arduous battle involving multiple knocks into next week and an army of undead consorts, notably where he dosen't manage to deal a single hit, Jake manages to defeat the gang.

Skills and abilities[]

Doze's ability is to slow time down for himselfHS.svg; this allows him to stretch sensations of pain over a long period time, giving him some level of resistance to attack. Outwardly, however, his power mostly just makes him seem incredibly slow, forming a pair with Itchy, who has the power to move with superhuman speed.

Weapons and paraphernalia[]

As seen in Collide, Doze uses a double (2) barrelled shotgun for long ranged combat, and employs a simple 2x4 piece of lumber in a melee[1] - a weapon he shares with fellow Felt member Clover.


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