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This article is about the pre-scratch kids' Draconian Dignitary. For the post-scratch kids' version, see Draconian Dignitary (B2). For the instance of Draconian Dignitary that appears in the trolls' session, see Diamonds Droog.

The Draconian Dignitary is an agent of the Dark Kingdom Derse who appears in every session of Sburb. In the trolls' Sgrub session, he was exiled to the troll planet and joined the Midnight Crew.


In his first appearance, he is seen eyeing the Parcel Mistress with suspicion, as she wandered the halls of Derse in search of Jade's package. He has been shown conversing with the Courtyard Droll over a walkie talkie after the Droll pilfers the Queen's Ring from the Parcel Mistress. Later, he steals Dave's copy of the beta from his home, as well as Rose's duplicated journals. The Dignitary brutally kills a Dave that traveled back in time to prevent this theft. Dave traveling back doomed both him and the timeline he left, leaving "alpha" Dave to encounter and dispose of his own corpse, an experience that proved to be quite disconcerting.

During the end of Act 4, he extracted paradox slime from Halley and, using the data from Rose's journal, created a highly volatile paradox clone whom we know as Becquerel. Apparently his reason for doing this was to ensure that Bec would be the 4th prototyping to power Jack. It later turns out that Vriska Serket was influencing the Courtyard Droll to ensure the Dignitary would have knowledge of the existence of Rose's journal so that he could steal it.

By Act 5, Jack seems to have promoted him to leader of Derse. He is in charge of "Levying taxes, oppressing consorts, all the unpleasant chores [Jack] would never dirty his snout with.HS.svg" When Jack orders him to kill Jade, the Dignitary decides to send the Courtyard Droll in his place.

He acts as a Moirail (or the Dersite equivalent) to Jack, preventing him from committing meaningless genocides.

He later interrupts Dave and Rose's argument over whether Rose should sacrifice herself to destroy the Green Sun as Rose rides Derse's moon through Dave's dream bubble. In the dream, the Dignitary promptly stabs DaveHS.svg, causing Dave to wake up on Derse, leaving Rose alone to face him.

Dave flies after herHS.svg, and kills himHS.svg shortly before the scratch.


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