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When the IMPERIAL DRONE comes knocking, you had better be able to supply genetic material to each of his FILIAL PAILS.HS.svg

Drones are enforcers employed by various regimes throughout the history of Homestuck and its spinoffs. First used on Alternia, the Condesce later created robotic copies of them for her rule of EarthHS.svg.

In real life, drones are a caste in various social insect hierarchies, such as those of ants and bees, usually involved with the fertilisation of a colony's queen. Being biological in nature, it is possible that Alternia's drones are also related to trolls in the same way the Mother Grub is.

On Alternia[]

Drones sometimes called imperial drones are responsible for collecting the genetic material of adult trolls and delivering it to the Mother Grub to be combined into the slurry from which all new trolls are createdHS.svg. Failure to produce material from either of the concupiscent quadrants is punished by immediate executionHS.svg.

Other drones, called culling dronesHS.svg, are at least partially involved in Alternia's process of culling or exterminating the unfit and infirmHS.svg.

Drones should not be confused with the CARPENTER DROIDSHS.svg involved in the construction of young trolls' hives, which may be robotic. His Honorable Tyranny, who shares a similar thorny, chitinous appearanceHS.svg and bleeds like a living organismHS.svg, may however be somehow related to the drones.

In Hiveswap[]

Imperial drones descending on Outglut.

During the time of Hiveswap and the reign of the heiress Trizza Tethis, a unique kind of drone decorated in her distinctive fuchsia, black and gold color scheme are deployed around Outglut, aggressively burning down hives and attacking residents[1] during Act 1 and forcing Xefros Tritoh to escape with Joey Claire. Trizza uses her drones to harvest colorful low-caste blood with which to paint her nails[2].

These drones are capable of rocket-propelled flight, implying they may be technologically enhanced in some way.

During Act 2, a drone is responsible for controlling the train out of Thrashthrust.

On Earth[]

Three Crockercorp drones in flightHS.svg.

In fitting with Crockercorp's post-scratch rebranding, some time after Jane Crocker and Jake English's entry into the Medium the Condesce began to employ drones sporting her signature white and scarlet. Finding the usual human method of reproduction revolting, she attempted to use these drones to impose the troll method on humanity, requiring humans to also provide samples of genetic material to themHS.svg. It was seemingly not until this process had been in place for some time before robotic drones were introducedHS.svg, implying the Condesce had some success in replicating the non-robotic drones of Alternia, but deemed the process too resource intensive. The new robotic drones are armed with both machine gunsHS.svg and missilesHS.svg.

Even after the extinction of a majority of the human race, robotic drones continued to be used to police the Earth, possibly in order to keep its new carapacian population in line. They were used to locate and attempt to eliminate the last remaining humans, Dirk StriderHS.svg and Roxy LalondeHS.svg, but ultimately defeated. In addition to a new army of drones, the Condesce may have constructed a new fleet of battleships in addition to an army of drone-like battlemechs flagshipped by the formidable DRONEGORGHS.svg.

In The Homestuck Epilogues (Dubiously Canon)[]

In the Candy volume, Jane Crocker created a new fleet of drones of her ownCandy.png. These drones, sometimes called Imperial Drones and manufactured in large, fiery factoriesCandy.png, are used to perform strikes on rebels like Karkat Vantas and Meenah PeixesCandy.png.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon (Dubiously Canon)[]

Jane Crocker continued to employ her drone fleet against rebels during the events of Homestuck^2HS2.svg.


  1. Cohen Edenfield. Maybe if your hallway is REALLY clean, the drones will stop trying to burn your neighborhood down and kill you? Ah, there's that rustblood moxie. Hiveswap: Act 1. September 14, 2017.
  2. Cohen Edenfield. Your imperial-edict-mandated portrait of the HEIRESS. / She rules your planet with a perfectly-manicured GOLDEN FIST. You know it's perfectly-manicured, because she recently issued an IMPERIAL MEMEORANDUM about her new nail paint art. / The drones outside are doing her dirty work. She'll have a shiny topcoat of blood after tonight, all of it COMMON-HUED, you're sure. Hiveswap: Act 1. September 14, 2017.
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