Oh my god a huge eggy looking thing just appeared in the sky.

The Eggy-Looking Base is a command station that suddenly appears in 2422 in the sky outside of the Frog Temple, where the Exiles are based. The base appears out of nowhere while Wayward Vagabond is stargazing. After showing up in the sky, it crashes to the ground before the Windswept Questant appears.

It is currently unknown what the base contains, but it is shaped like an egg, corresponding to Dave's Cruxite Egg. At one point the Windswept Questant uses it to contact Rose Lalonde. It is later blown up by the Armaments Regent attempting to prevent Bec Noir from escaping the universe.

Connection to Dave's Apartment[edit | edit source]

As seen with other bases, the Eggy-Looking Base originates from one of the player's houses; this time it comes from Dave's house. When the Questant discovers the base it is split in two due to Bro slicing the meteor that carried the base's seed in half. The Questant uses a spirograph key to recombineHS.svg the parts of the base.

Early in the game, Rose shares information from GameFAQ about the Cruxite artifact as In one instance it was described as an "eggy loking thign" [sic]. in a conversation with John.HS.svg

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