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Elves are the citizens of one of the four great kingdoms on the other side of the imaginary universe. Their general life involves granting wishes in exchange for babies, crying Elf Tears over issues of Hunk Rump, playing poker, and absconding with the pies of Clowns from windowsills. Elves are known practitioners of Majyyk and their most valiant warrior is a Mage.

Elf performing magic

An elf performing magic.

Most of their political dissension stems from Problem Sleuth's Quest of Spirit, encouraging the Elves to be more thrifty when stealing Pies, which makes the Clowns go into a rage.

The Elves are aligned with Problem Sleuth and granted him a boon when he completed his Quest of Spirit, which allowed him to pass through the Elf bust and gain awareness of his Female Alter Ego.

Elves also appear in the brief "restart" of Jailbreak.

Elf ExemplarEdit

The Elf Exemplar is one of the four characters that oversee Problem Sleuth as he tries to solve the plight of the four kingdoms. He doesn't do much but watch on as Problem Sleuth goes to GameFAQs to cheat. Even though he is an Exemplar of the Elves, he is not the current reagent of the Elf Kingdom, and we have yet to see if they are ruled similarly like the Weasel King.

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