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An elf performing magic.Mspa icon.png

Elves are a recurring race in MS Paint Adventures. They are characterised by their tendency to wear pointy hats, and usually have pointy ears to match; gayMspa icon.png pornographyMspa icon.png also tends to cause them to cry tears with powerful properties. Elves are usually proficient in magic, and may be considered a kind of fairy.

In Jailbreak[]

Elves first appearMspa icon.png in Jailbreak, where they can be summoned by not knowing how to read ancient spell runes (whether it is possible to summon them by actually reading the runes is unknown). These elves consider the flesh of the young a delicacyMspa icon.png (but are also perfectly happy just drinking teaMspa icon.png), and may use their magic to grant wishes to any who provide them with this. Some of them have spells carved into their bellies - either as a helpful mnemonic or a really strange circumstance of birth - among which animal communion is sometimes included. Perhaps due to their magical ability, they are difficult to defeatMspa icon.png without a high pulchritude statistic.

In Problem Sleuth[]

First appearing on a painting in Pickle Inspector's office (which also contains another paintingMspa icon.png of elves playing poker), elves inhabit one of the imaginary universe's four kingdoms, alongside the weasels, hogs and clowns. The weasels covet their eggs - which are kept in arboreal nests - and the elves in turn covet the pies made by the clowns, encouraging Problem Sleuth to help them steal the pastries from the clowns' cottage windows as part of the Quest of Spirit to grant him awareness of his Female Alter Ego. This all contributes to the plight of the four kingdoms, which the Sleuth is then expected to help fix with the signing of a treaty.

Prominent elves[]

Elf exemplar[]

Elf exemplar.png

Representing the elves at the peace summit between the four kingdoms is an elf exemplar. This exemplar also liases with Sleuth on his spirit questMspa icon.png.

Elf mage[]

Elf mage.png

The elves' representative among the Four Heroes is of course an elf mageMspa icon.png, who uses his natural elf affinity for magic as well as a magic wand to cast ice spells and bop his fellow heroes on the snoutMspa icon.png.

In Homestuck[]

Trolls on Alternia seem to be familiar with the concept of an elf, with Karkat Vantas suggestingHS.svg that John Egbert's bright green ectobiologist's coat makes him look like one (and with John later agreeingHS.svg). Andrew Hussie callsHS.svg leprechauns elves, while Caliborn prefers the term gnomeHS.svg, which Aranea Serket says may be accurateHS.svg according to some specialists of the zoologically dubious.

Given that Jane Crocker associatesHS.svg gnomes with colourful pointed hats, it may be that gnomes and elves are actually the very same creatures; however if the implication that leprechauns are homosexual by natureHS.svg is true, it is unknown how this can be reconciled with elves' instinctive dislike of homosexual imagery.

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