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The elf room, which is connected to Pickle Inspector's office, is home to four elves named Ropo, Zobo, Foko, and Blod.



Ropo is the leader of the four elvesMspa icon.png and is the one who instructs Problem Sleuth about the critical mission. When PS accepts the mission, Ropo has him leave behind all his material possessions.

He apparently is strong enough to lift the player card tableMspa icon.png in order to reveal the hidden hatch. This is the same small hatch spotted earlierMspa icon.png by Pickle Inspector.

Zobo and Foko[]

Nothing is said about Zobo and Foko besides their introduction in PI: Join the elves.Mspa icon.png


Blod sits all the way to the right within the group. He starts to cryMspa icon.png when he saw a pornographic playing card had made its way into the deck of cards. Pickle Inspector then proceeded to collect his tearsMspa icon.png with the tea cup.

In Problem Sleuth[]

Pickle Inspector uses the elf room as a sanctuary after his office begins flooding, and there is a hatch under the door that is used by Problem Sleuth. Blod begins crying, not because of Pickle Inspector's display of force with his Hairpin, but when he notices a Hunk Rump playing card in his hand. The elf room is later used as a way of moving skulls to the skull slots.

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