DMK Emotions

Emotions are an important game concept towards the end of Problem Sleuth. Raising Demonhead Mobster Kingpin's emotions is the only way to make him vulnerable to damage once he cures his diabetes.

Emotions were also used when Ace Dick, Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad fought Mobster Kingpin. This stat reduced all 3 of MK's other stats.

Shortly after Ace Dick climbs on top of DMK's hat, Death joins him there and challenges him to a game of Life, just to pass the time. DMK is somehow aware of all the trials and tribulations AD must face during the game, and becomes emotionally invested in how it unfolds. DMK eventually becomes so overwhelmed that he grows a second Emotions meter on top of the first.

It's unknown how Team Sleuth intended to manipulate DMK's emotions after AD's game has ended, or if Death knew what effect the game would have on the battle.