Equius's hive
Equius' hive on Alternia.




Alternia (pre-entry)
Land of Caves and Silence (post-entry)


Equius Zahhak

Equius has a gothic style hive similar to his neighbor Vriska Serket's Hive, and even their windows are tinted with similar colors. Part of his home is ripped off when the doomsday device attached to both Vriska's and his hive explodes. When Vriska ends her Lusus' life, it causes the weak structure of rock under Equius' hive to collapse and fall toward his neighbor. Fortunately, Aradia pulls Equius' hive into the medium at the last minute, which saves Vriska's life. She may have saved Equius as well, as being inside the hive when it crashed could have killed him.

In the MediumEdit


Equius' Hive, after being transported, is located on a sand dune surrounded by rock faces dotted with what appear to be entrances to caves. The structure still seems to be mostly intact, apart from the part of the hive which was destroyed earlier. Interestingly it is in the same tilted position it had the moment it entered the Medium. The building was later expanded by Aradia Megido to reach the Seven Gates and eventually Skaia as required by Sburb, but was ultimately destroyed alongside Equius' whole planet during Jack Noir's rampage.



Equius' respiteblock. The floor is strewn with broken robots and broken bows along with arrows, while the walls are decorated with nude musclebeast portraits that are apparently native to Alternia. He puts up these posters because of the manliness he thinks they portray. These, along with the domestic-abuse-esque bruising of his hermaphroditic Lusus Aurthour, and Equius' appearance, are so troubling that the narrator chooses to check out something else rather than try to introduce him.



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